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Why Buy All Season Tyres?

What are All Season Tyres?

All Season Tyres are designed to work all year round, offering a compromised performance in both summer and winter. They are usually patterned and siped like winter tyres to give good traction on snow and ice but have been constructed with fewer winter optimal compounds, so that they can still offer resistance against summer conditions. All Season Tyres offer an adequate performance all year round. Whilst they do not perform to the same standard as summer or winter tyres, they are a handy alternative for those not wanting to purchase seasonal specific tyres.

How Do All Season Tyres Perform?

Modern All Season Tyres claim to offer 90% of the grip of a full winter tyre on ice and snow whilst retaining 90% of the performance of a summer tyre in wet and dry conditions*.

Whilst they cannot offer the same standard of performance as a winter tyre when it comes to snow and ice, All Season Tyres are usually optimal for UK winters which do not consist of heavy snow and ice, as by law they must bear the ‘M+S’ (‘Mud and Snow’) and ‘Snowflake’ symbols, meaning that they have been designed with a tread pattern which can cope on difficult terrains.

All Season Tyres are constructed with compounds which can deal with warm and wet conditions adequately. Another benefit of using All Season Tyres is their dry braking performance, whilst not usually better than that of a summer tyre, it is superior compared to a winter tyre, proving that they are a suitable compromise.

Why Should I Choose All Season Tyres?

Offering an adequate performance in winter and summer conditions, All Season Tyres are definitely an economical choice. Whilst delivering a compromised performance compared to season specific counterparts, All Season Tyres are an optimal choice for those who are reluctant change their tyres along with the seasons.

If winter and summer conditions tend to be typically mild where you live, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing, All Season Tyres may be a good option to consider.

Similarly, if you would prefer to use one set of tyres all year round or simply cannot store two sets of tyres, you might want to look in to purchasing All Season Tyres.

Buy new all season tyres online and arrange a fitting at your local PTA Garage Services branch.

For more information about all season tyres tyres contact your local PTA Garage Services branch where one of our tyre specialists will be able to provide further guidance.

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