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Our 5 Stage Interim and Full Car Service Process

Regular car servicing extends the life of your car, improves fuel economy and reduces the risk of avoidable repair bills and the inconvenience of mechanical breakdown.  Most manufacturers recommend that newer vehicles, fewer than four years old should be serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

It can be tempting for those with an older vehicle to fall into the trap of extending the time between services, however that’s not a sensible idea as an older vehicle is likely to require more regular servicing. If these service schedules are left too long then it could result in drastic engine damage.

At PTA Garages we offer both a full service and an interim service for low mileage vehicles that don't warrant such a thorough inspection each year.

All of our car services follow a five stage process:

STAGE 1: Checking the vehicle history, mileage and service requirements from the manufacturers service schedule and previous servicing work

STAGE 2: Road test to check the performance and vehicle handling. Attention is paid to identify any noises/issues

STAGE 3: Our specialists run a number of checks to test the vehicle such as horn, brake fluid, light bulbs etc …

STAGE 4: Once the vehicle is on the ramp, we can renew the engine oil and filter, and run a range of checks which includes testing the spark plugs

STAGE 5: Final checks including cleaning engine covers, lubricating doors and performing  a final road test

At PTA no additional work will take place without your say so. We will price and prioritise all repair work and help you to plan ahead and spread the cost of repairs. Simply contact your local PTA branch for more information.