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Tyre of the month April – Continental SportContact™ 5P

PTA Garage Services have named the Continental Sport Contact 5P as tyre of the month this April

For our tyre of the month this April, we’ve chosen the latest tyre from the SportContact range from Continental. The latest innovation from the Continental experts is an ultra high performance tyre that really is capable of combining maximum safety and driving pleasure.

The ContiSportContact™ 5 P has been specifically and individually tailored to meet the requirements of a car’s front and rear axle positions. Giving drivers precise steering and maximum grip in all conditions, this tyre allows vehicles to perform to their full potential on the road.

The tread pattern of the tyre features a supple macro-block design on the outer shoulder. It also features solid and sturdy central ribs which are made up of interlocked blocks. Combined, these elements ensure that the tyre adapts perfectly to any road surface.

The asymmetrical tread ribs included in the tread pattern ensure optimum stiffness in the tyre too, which means reduced movement in the tread. As a result, steering forces are transmitted straight to the road which in turn, increases responsiveness in vehicle handling. This occurs particularly during fast cornering as the contact patch is increased. As a result of the bespoke tread and design, drivers receive excellent feedback and the tyre provides outstanding grip with maximum stability.

The ContiSportContact™ 5 P doesn’t only go fast – it stops fast too. This tyre has been manufactured using ‘Black Chilli Technology’ which is a specially developed compound from Continental. It involves an innovative type of racing grade carbon black, which ensures a speedy warm-up process and greater stability. The compound is reinforced with nano-particles which makes the polymers in the compound extremely supple. As a result of this, the tyre has more contact points in touch with the road, so grip is drastically enhanced and braking ability is maximised. The tyre also proves to be far more stable. Special grip resins included in the compound too, provide optimum interlocking with both wet and dry roads, thus achieving shorter braking distances in varying conditions.

Buy ContiSportContact™ 5 P tyres for your car online and have them fitted at your local PTA Garage Services branch at a time to suit you. Alternatively, explore the Continental tyre range here or call your local PTA Garage Services branch with any questions you might have regarding your new car tyres.