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Tyre of the Month – Goodyear Excellence

Due to its superior wet weather performance and enhanced handling capabilities, the exceptional Goodyear Excellence is the PTA Garage Services tyre of the month, this March.

Goodyear are globally recognised as leaders in the tyre market, this is due to an impressive history that spans over 115 years and a commitment to innovation.

The Goodyear Excellence benefits from this experience and is a superior all-rounder. It has been selected as original equipment on models including the Audi A2, the Mercedes Benz C Class and the Ford Fiesta amongst others.

Goodyear Excellence

Superior Wet Grip

Constructed with a special polymer material in the compound, the Goodyear Excellence offers an enhanced braking performance in wet weather. This is because the polymer allows the tyre to retain contact with the surface of the road, even in wet conditions, and results in higher levels of grip, meaning that braking is easier and braking distances are reduced. In addition, its optimised tread pattern is adept at evacuating excess water, meaning that the Goodyear Excellence can provide enhanced resistance against aquaplaning.

Exceptional Handling Capabilities

The Goodyear Excellence delivers precise steering and enhanced handling capabilities thanks to the use of stabilisers. Located in the shoulder of the tyre, these stabilisers work to keep a firm grip on the surface of the road and maintain the stability of the tyre. This means that the driver can retain greater levels of control and the tyre is more responsive to the movements of the wheel.

Increased Tyre Life

This tyre also offers great value for money thanks to its increased tyre life. Designed to equally distribute pressure throughout the tyre whilst moving, the Goodyear Excellence wears more evenly, resulting in prolonged tyre life. Furthermore, you can expect a quiet and comfortable ride from this tyre thanks to its tread pattern which has been optimised to reduce noise and enhance driving comfort.

Buy Goodyear Excellence tyres online from PTA Garage Services and arrange fitment at your local branch at a time to suit you. Alternatively, you can explore the range of Goodyear tyres we stock here.