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Tyre of the Month – Michelin Alpin A4

Here at PTA Garage Services we are naming the Michelin Alpin A4 as our tyre of the month this December. Following a successful history spanning over a century, Michelin have built up a strong reputation when it comes to tyre safety and innovation. The Michelin Alpin A4 has benefitted from their extensive tyre knowledge and is a superior tyre when it comes to coping in harsh winter weather.

Michelin Alpin A4

The Michelin Alpin A4 offers stability on difficult thawing and frozen winter surfaces thanks to its innovative tread design. The tread pattern, which is a full active tread unique to Michelin, works to grip the surface of the road and provide greater levels of traction and stability.

Constructed with a specialist Helio compound, this tyre is fully optimised to withstand cold winter temperatures. This is because the innovative rubber mixture stays supple when the temperature drops and will not stiffen and this enables it to retain its superior grip with the road. This also results in shorter braking distances and the Michelin Alpin A4 allows you to stop 5% shorter on icy, snow-covered or wet roads*.

This tyre is also an economical and efficient winter tyre choice. The Green X marking on the tyre sidewall of the Michelin Alpin A4 signifies its position on the market as one of the most energy efficient tyres on the market. This is because its specialist rubber mixture works to reduce fuel consumption and CO² emissions and it also offers a longer tyre life, giving you 35% more mileage than the market average*.

Buy Michelin Alpin A4 tyres for your car online today and have them fitted at a time to suit you at your local PTA Garage Services branch. Alternatively, you can explore which other Michelin tyres we stock here.