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Why Buy Summer Tyres

What are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres are designed to work best during warmer conditions and have a range of features specially constructed to cope with summer seasonal road conditions.

Summer tyres are made using a soft, flexible compound that tightly grips the surface of the road and allows for shorter braking distances. When temperatures drop below 7oc this compound will stiffen, making them less effective in winter conditions.

How Do Summer Tyres Perform?

Differences in braking performance between summer, winter and all season tyres

When daily conditions reach a consistent temperature of 7oc, which is usually between April and October in the UK, summer tyres offer an optimal performance. The benefits of using dedicated summer tyres include:

Enhanced resistance against aquaplaning: constructed with a unique tread pattern, summer tyres are optimised to offer increased resistance against aquaplaning. This is because the tread works to rapidly evacuate water away from the tyre footprint and resist hydroplaning.

Improved handling and performance: featuring less grooves and sipes than winter or all season tyres, due to the fact that they do not need to grip snowy or icy surfaces, summer tyres have an increased contact patch. This means that more rubber retains contact with the surface of the road and this enhances handling, steering responsiveness and gripping capabilities.

Why Should I Choose Summer Tyres?

Most vehicles are fitted with summer tyres as standard so it is likely that your vehicle already uses summer tyres. If you have switched to winter tyres it is important to remember to change these back to summer tyres when the temperature reaches a consistent average of 7oc, which is usually between April and October.

Buy new summer tyres online and arrange a fitting at your local PTA Garage Services branch.

For more information about summer tyres contact your local PTA Garage Services branch where one of our tyre specialists will be able to provide further guidance.

Alternatively, read about the benefits of using winter tyres or all season tyres.