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Tyre Care

Did you know that simple visual tyre checks and careful cleaning can help you to prolong the life of your tyres and keep you safe on the road?

As well as frequently checking your tread depth and tyre pressure, caring for your tyres correctly will help you to ensure that your tyres perform to their full potential.

Visually inspect your tyres

It is important that you regularly check your tyres for any damage to the inner and outer sidewall.

The signs of damage you should look out for include:

Cracks – which are a sign of aging and can lead to a possible blowout.

Cuts – which can be caused from general driving damage and could be extremely dangerous.

Lumps and Bulges – which are formed following impact on the tyre and can rarely be repaired as this indicates that the structure of the tyre has changed.

If you do find any of these damages you should have your tyres inspected by a tyre specialist as soon as possible.

Clean your tyres

Effective cleaning can have a drastic impact on the life of your tyres as well as helping to improve braking, traction and the general aesthetic of your car. Investing in some specialist tyre brushes and a good tyre cleaner which will break down the dirt on your wheels and tyres will help you to maintain their life.

Repair your tyres

Undertaking tyre repairs is not as straightforward as it seems as there is often underlying damage to the tyre structure which you may not be able to identify. This is why you should take a tyre with any damage to be repaired by a specialist.

Replace your tyres

With regular tyre maintenance and careful tyre care you will be able to increase the life of your tyres. Eventually, however, all tyres need to be replaced as they wear out over time.

When you should replace your tyres:

When replacing your tyres:

If you have any doubts concerning the condition of your tyres you should visit your local PTA Garage Specialists as soon as possible where our specialists will offer a free tyre check and can give you any advice or guidance you may require.