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Can I have different tyres on my car?

If you need to change your tyres, as you would after a puncture or normal tyre wear, it is common to be confused about which tyres you should use for your car. However, it is important to note that you should not mix tyres on your vehicle - as, in some cases, this is not only illegal, but it is dangerous, too. Learn more about why mixing your tyres should be avoided at all costs.

Mixing tyres

When it comes to fitting tyres, it is recommended to fit the same tyres on all wheel positions of your vehicle - especially on the same axle. Find out when you can and cannot mix your tyres safely from the below FAQs around mixing tyres.

Can you have different size tyres on the front and back?

If you have ensured that both pairs of tyres are the same, you can have different sized tyres if the suspension geometry can accommodate for this. However, these combinations need to be considered carefully - so it is important to follow the vehicle manufacturer guidelines when mixing tyre sizes between the front and the rear.

Can you mix winter and summer tyres?

Mixing seasonal tyres is strongly advised against and should be avoided at all costs. This is because the compounds of these specific tyres are designed solely for that season. That means if you were to pair up winter tyres with summer tyres, the two would have very different characteristics - leading to an imbalance of the vehicle's stability, which will compromise both performance and safety.

Can you mix run flat tyres with normal tyres?

It is strongly advised not to mix run flat tyres with normal tyres. Run flat tyres are designed with specially reinforced sidewalls - making them considerably firmer than normal tyres, if you mix and match run flat tyres with normal tyres, this could compromise the stability and safety of your vehicle.

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