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Motorbike MOTs in Shirley, Croydon

PTA Garage Services Shirley, Croydon offers DVSA approved Motorbike MOT Testing and repairs. Find out everything you need to know about our motorbike MOT services today.

Motorcycle MOT Guide

By law, any vehicles on the road must be kept in a roadworthy condition. This is monitored and regulated annually by an MOT test. And just like a car, a motorbike’s first MOT test is required once it’s 3 years old. You can use this government website to check when your MOT is due.

This guide explains what is involved in a motorcycle MOT test and the checks that a motorbike must go through to meet road safety and environmental standards. This is for the safety of other bikers and road users. It is important to remember that a valid MOT certificate is not a guarantee that your motorbike is in good mechanical condition - you should have your motorbike serviced regularly, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, to guarantee this.

Find out what is tested during the Motorbike MOT test by using our helpful Motorbike MOT Checklist

How are motorbikes tested?

By law you should only have your motorbike MOT tested at an authorised testing station. There are about 2,800 motorcycle workshops authorised as motorcycle testing stations across the UK. Just like a car MOT testing station, the premises will be identifiable by the blue ‘3 triangles’ logo.

There are number of components tested on motorcycles during their MOT’s including motorcycle speedo, brakes, wheels/tyres and exhaust systems. To avoid failing it’s MOT, have read through our motorbike MOT checklist above and make sure your bike is in tip top condition.

How much is a motorbike MOT?

A maximum chargeable fee for the test must be displayed on a poster inside every test station. This is the maximum fee you will be expected to pay by law for your motorbike MOT test - however a testing station may charge less than this. PTA Garage Services in Shirley, Croydon offer motorcycle MOT’s for just £29, book online now.

What if my motorbike fails its MOT?

If your motorbike fails its MOT test, you will be given a failure document. Most testing stations offer a free retest within a two-week period of failing the test. If your motorbike needs work to be able to pass its MOT, we also offer a comprehensive list of repairs at our Shirley branch, all completed by qualified technicians. When your motorbike passes, the details will be added to an electronic database which confirms the legal roadworthiness of your motorbike.

One of the most common reasons a motorbike can fail it’s MOT is due to tyre wear, read our blog on when to replace motorcycle tyres to find out if you need to replace your motorbike tyres.

Ready to book in for your motorcycle MOT checks? Book your Motorbike MOT at PTA Garage Services Shirley now. Alternatively, find out about other Motorbike Services online today.