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Electric Vehicle Servicing

Just like petrol and diesel cars, it's important to get your electric vehicle (EV) serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly and safely. Not only does regular servicing maintain the value of your vehicle but can help identify any areas that need attention. Our experienced technicians are equipped to provide specialist services for EVs, ensuring they continue to perform optimally and efficiently. PTA has made significant investments in equipment and training to cater to the specific needs of EVs. Our technicians have completed the Autotech IMI Qualification in EV/Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance, Systems Repair, and Replacement. This ensures that your EV receives the highest standard of care and attention.

What happens in an EV service?

Electric vehicles have fewer components than their petrol and diesel counterparts, making them easier to maintain. They are made up of three main components:

  • An Electric Motor
  • An on-board charger
  • Inverter

However, there are other parts of your vehicle that need servicing regularly to make sure your car is running at its best.

Diagnostic and Check

Our comprehensive diagnostic services are designed to identify any underlying issues with your EV. We use advanced tools and equipment to perform checks on the battery, charging system and other vital components to ensure they function properly.

Tyre Pressure Check & Tyre Wear and Tear

Proper tyre maintenance is essential for both safety and performance. Our technicians will inspect the condition of your EV tyres, checking for signs of wear and tear, Additionally, we'll make sure that the tyre pressure is at the recommended level, optimising efficiency, and handling.

If you need new tyres for your EV, check how simple it is by getting a quick quote today!

Windscreen Wiper Replacement

Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving. Our team will inspect and replace your EV's windscreen wipers if necessary, ensuring that you have a clean and streak-free windshield during inclement weather.

Brake Fluid Change

Maintaining proper brake fluid levels and quality is vital for safe and efficient braking. We offer brake fluid change services for your EV, ensuring that your braking system operates at its best and meets the required safety standards.

Pollen Filter Replacement

Maintaining clean and fresh cabin air is crucial for a comfortable driving experience. Our skilled technicians will replace the pollen filter in your EV, ensuring that the air entering the cabin remains clean and free from pollutants.


As an authorised testing facility, we offer Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing for your EV. Our technicians will assess your vehicle's compliance with roadworthiness and environmental standards, ensuring that it meets the necessary criteria. By booking your MOT and Service together you can also save money. Get a quick quote today.

PTA Electric Vehicle specialist branches near you

We currently have 5 specialist EV branches that offer Electric Vehicle servicing. All of our technicians have completed the Autotech IMI qualification in EV/Hybrid vehicle maintenance, systems repair and replacement, ensuring your EV receives the highest standard of care and attention. See our locations below where you can book online or call the branch.

Electric Vehicle Service Checklist

An Electric Vehicle service with PTA ensures that every component of your car is properly checked, and maintained both on the floor and on the ramp. We also guarantee no additional work will take place without your say-so. We will price and prioritise ALL repair work and help you to plan ahead and spread the cost of repairs.

We replace  
Cabin/Pollen Filter
Top up windscreen wash
Top up anti-freeze
Long life parts may incur an additional charge
Stage 1: Vehicle on Floor  
Vehicle road tested
Check all apertures including charging point
Check interior warning lamps/gauges
Check horn
Check wipers
Check, adjust and top up windscreen washers
Check windscreen and mirrors
Check exterior lightbulbs
Check seat belts and seat security
Check, test and top up anti-freeze
Check, test battery condition and security
Check coolant, hoses, radiator and rad fan operation
Stage 2: Vehicle on Ramp  
Check shocks, springs, ball joints, arms and links
Check steering condition, wear, movement, dust covers
Check drive shafts/prop shafts, CV joints, gaiters
Check wheel bearings
Check transmission condition/gear box fluid
Check chassis for rust/corrosion on sills
Stage 3: Tyres  
Check tread
Check pressure
Check size
Check make
Stage 4: Brakes  
Check pads/shoes
Check discs/drums
Check brake fluid
Stage 5: Service Parts  
Renew pollen filter
Stage 6: Additional Comments  
Note any other observations
Stage 7: Final Checks  
Clean engine covers
Lubricate door hinges and bonnet catch
Stamp service book
Reset service light
Seat covers/floor mats
Locking wheel nut location
Wheel torqued
Vehicle road tested (post sign off)

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