At PTA Garage Services we can replace most exhaust parts the same day. Our exhausts are competitively priced and come with a 2 year guarantee!

What parts make up a car exhaust system?

Car exhausts are made up of 3 main parts: the exhaust manifold, the muffle, and the catalytic converter. Exhausts have four main purposes: to control noise, direct fumes, improve engine performance and improve fuel consumption.

On the majority of car exhaust systems, there are several sections. All of these components work together to divert noxious fumes safely away from the engine and your passengers. It is therefore important to check that your exhaust is functioning correctly.

How do exhausts work?

The diagram below explains how each component of the exhausts works in transporting poisonous gases from the engine and out the exhaust.

The components that make up the exhaust system

Does my exhaust need replacing?

If you notice any of the below symptoms, visit your nearest PTA Garage for a free exhaust check as soon as possible.

  • Can you hear a deep or loud rumbling sound coming from your vehicle?
  • Rattling or hissing sounds are a good indication that your exhaust system needs attention.
  • If the performance of your vehicle changes upon start up, then there may be a problem with the catalytic converter.
  • Loss of power when driving, or increased vibrations when driving also suggest there may be a fault with your exhaust.
  • If your exhaust is leaking then the engine will have to work harder. This usually becomes evident if you are using noticeably more fuel.

Delaying an exhaust repair can result in damage to other components on the car or damage to the engine itself. For more signs you need a new exhaust, read our helpful guide to find out more.

Are car exhaust fumes harmful?

Car exhausts on standard combustion engine cars emit the incredibly dangerous gas, Carbon Monoxide (CO), and can cause loss of life if inhaled. If you breathe in exhaust fumes, you may experience irritation to the eyes and problems with your respiratory system. Most newer engines emit a much smaller amount of carbon monoxide, minimising harm to life but still can be harmful.

If your vehicle is suffering with exhaust problems, it is rare that the whole system will require replacement. At PTA Garages, our technicians will carry out a free exhaust check with the promise that no unnecessary work will be undertaken.

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