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Signs you need a new exhaust

Do you need a new exhaust? How can you tell? Our guide has you covered. Some of the most common signs that your vehicle might need a new exhaust can include:

How does an exhaust work?

So, now you know the signs and symptoms of a damaged or broken exhaust, it's also beneficial to know how an exhaust works. The exhaust on a vehicle works by removing spent fumes from your vehicle's engine. This process also helps to control the noise which the vehicle makes, as well as improving the general performance of the engine and your fuel efficiency.

An exhaust is made up of multiple components - all of which must be in working order for the system to function properly. As you drive, your vehicle's exhaust will gather harmful gasses and funnel them into the catalytic converter - removing the harmful elements from the gas. This not only keeps the engine safe, but it also cools it down.

How long should an exhaust last?

Typically, in most modern vehicles, the exhaust is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle itself. However, this can depend on multiple factors, including:

Although exhausts are designed to withstand the lifetime of your vehicle, it can be common for corrosion to cause holes to appear in your exhaust. This can wear down the exhaust itself, leading it to become damaged or broken.

Other reasons why your exhaust may break or become damaged could be from driving through standing water - which can cause damage to the catalytic converter; coming into contact with road hazards; or driving over speed bumps too quickly.

How much does a new exhaust cost?

The cost of a new exhaust depends on a variety of factors, such as the make and model of the car, the age of the vehicle and the amount of labour charge will be added from where you choose to have the new exhaust service completed. However, Who Can Fix My Car have completed a study in 2020 which states the average cost for exhausts for 2020 are typically around the £100 mark.

Here at PTA Garages, if you've got problems with your exhaust or your catalytic converter, our exhaust replacement services have you covered. Book in at your local PTA branch now to have your exhaust problems diagnosed, fixed or replaced.