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Car Diagnostics

What is a diagnostic test on a car?

When warning lights illuminate on your dashboard or you hear strange noises from your car, it can be confusing and alarming to most motorists. Some lights may be simply informative, such as low fuel level or seat belts unfastened, others require specialist attention.

Modern vehicles are fitted with advanced electronic systems which have been designed to warn drivers when attention is required. These systems are continually monitoring the status of your vehicle and will send an alert code when an issue arises.

As these systems are highly advanced, they are aware of a large number of potential errors and if found, these are displayed through dashboard warning lights. Whilst it is important that you have a basic understanding of what these warning lights mean, the underlying cause of the problem is only readable with diagnostic equipment.

At PTA Garage Services we have the latest diagnostic equipment for the vast majority of cars.

What does a full diagnostic investigation consist of?

When carrying out a diagnostic investigation, we will road test, carry out visual and physical inspections and test your vehicle with the appropriate equipment. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment will scan for errors within the entire vehicle including the engine, brakes and transmission.

You will receive a diagnostic report and images of the fault or fault codes. We will use our best judgement, advise on the most appropriate course of action and provide a quotation for the repair works. With your authorisation we can book the work in and our trained technicians will carry out the necessary repairs. If you want to know more about the diagnostic tests we offer, get in touch now.

How much does car diagnostics cost?

At PTA Garage Services, our car diagnostic service starts from £45.

If you've noticed any dashboard lights appearing whilst driving your vehicle, you hear strange noises coming from your car, or think you may have a diagnostic issue, contact your local PTA branch today to book a diagnostics test.

Diagnostic Disclaimer – Electrical and Mechanical Investigations.

In certain electrical and mechanical investigations, a process of elimination may be the only way to get to the underlying problem.

To investigate a malfunction Indication Light (M.I.L) a diagnostic scan of your vehicle’s control unit will be required.

Some computer codes are minor and can be cleared and re-set.

Other more complex error codes or mechanical faults may indicate a problem within a wider system of multiple components and represent a symptom but not the underlying cause of the fault.

Our experienced technicians will use their best judgement and usually advise the replacement of the most commonly occurring faulty components first.

Customers will be kept informed at all stages. If our initial assessment and repair have not repaired the fault, we will only proceed with further work on the customer’s instructions.

We will always act in good faith and will advise a customer if the cost of repair is likely to be uneconomical in relation to the value of the vehicle, or if costs exceed a previously agreed price cap for the work.

If the customer decides not to proceed further, he or she will be charged for all work (parts and labour) carried out to that point.