Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing guarantees the even distribution of weight around the axle of the wheel and tyre. This is achieved by strategically attaching small counterbalancing weights at designated locations on the wheel. If you observe irregular tyre wear or experience a "wobble" between speeds of 40 to 50 mph, your wheels probably require a rebalancing service.

Wheel Balancing Cost:

PTA Garage Services offer wheel balancing at all branches - simply add this service to any online order for just £10 per wheel or just £30 for four wheels.

Why Choose PTA Garage Services?

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  • Warranty Protected - Work is guaranteed for 12,000 miles or 12 months.
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Wheel Balancing FAQs

Every time a new tyre is mounted to an axle the wheel will be balanced to ensure that your tyres and wheels turn freely for a comfortable and smooth drive. The process of wheel balancing involves equalising the weight of your tyre and wheel assembly with small weights. A wheel balancing machine is used to calculate the weight and location of these balance counterweights which are then adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Discrepancies in weight distribution along the wheel circumference can make your wheels hop up and down or wobble, causing vibration around the axle, leading to the following issues:

  • With four wheels vibrating around the axle, the ‘wobbling’ effect will increase, therefore making your vehicle feel unsmooth when driving.
  • Unbalanced tyres exert uneven pressure on the tread surface.
  • Excessive heat buildup and uneven tyre wear occur.
  • Wheel imbalance can strain both the wheel bearings and the suspension system.

When your wheels are unbalanced, you'll probably observe uneven tyre wear. Additionally, many drivers experience vibrations, particularly when driving over 40 - 50 mph, especially if the imbalanced tyres are positioned at the front.

If you would like to have your existing tyres balanced, please book this service online. Our experienced technicians at PTA Garages will rebalance your wheels at just £10 per wheel, or £30 for four.

When new tyres are fitted it is essential that the wheels are balanced. Day-to-day driving, such as driving up kerbs or over potholes can also cause your wheels to become unbalanced. The following signs indicate that your wheels need to be balanced:

  • Your steering wheel wobbles when you reach certain speeds
  • Your vehicle vibrates when driving
  • Your tyres are wearing unevenly

For more information on wheel balancing contact your local PTA Garage Services branch.