Why is Car Servicing so Important?

Regular car servicing is vital when it comes to keeping your vehicle healthy, safeguarding against potential breakdowns and improving your fuel economy.

Keep your Car Healthy

Regular car servicing will help you to keep your vehicle in good condition. Having your car thoroughly checked by a trained mechanic means that any problems are likely to be caught and fixed before any serious damage can be caused.

In addition, during a car service, mechanical components of your car that are susceptible to damage and wear, like brake pads and spark plugs, will be inspected and you will be able to have them replaced if necessary.

Prevent Breaking Down

As car servicing inspects the condition of your vehicle and helps to maintain its condition, you are less likely to suffer unexpected breakdowns.

Servicing Saves Money

Car servicing may initially seem expensive, but you should view it as a long term investment in to your cars’ value. Regular servicing will help you to maintain the resale value of your car as well as safeguarding its condition and helping you to avoid unexpected repairs.

For example, if you miss an oil change and your oil runs out, you are forcing your engine to work without the necessary lubrication and this could result in engine damage and potentially, a very expensive repair bill.

Different to an MOT?

Some motorists avoid car servicing as the falsely believe that it is the same as an MOT test.

The MOT test checks that your vehicle is roadworthy and will not impair your safety or the safety of other motorists on the road. It is a legal requirement that your vehicle undertakes one annually once your car reaches three years of age. If you do not have a valid MOT certificate, it is illegal for your vehicle to be on the road.

Car servicing is optional but highly recommended. It checks the mechanical components of your vehicle and makes sure that it is in optimum condition.

You can find out what is checked during a car service or book a full or interim car service at your local PTA Garage Service here.