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Car Servicing

Interim Service from only £140, Full Service from only £240

Book your next car service online with PTA Garages. Whether you choose a full or interim service with us, you can guarantee a thorough check undertaken by expert technicians at the top of their field. Book your service alongside your MOT today and save on your MOT!

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At PTA Garages, a full service means a full service - not just an oil and filter change. We pride ourselves on carrying out an extensive inspection of your vehicle and replacing all service parts, including oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter (external to tank) and spark plugs (petrol engines) as a standard.

Why Choose PTA?

  • Complimentary Services - With any online purchase, you can receive a free journey check, light, or tyre check.
  • Experienced Team - Having kept cars on the road for over 40 years.
  • High Standards - Trusted members of Independent Garage Association.
  • IMI Qualified - Specialist of EV & Hybrid vehicle servicing.

No additional work without your say!

Some vehicles are fitted with long-life car service parts - if these need to be replaced, you may incur an additional charge. These are parts which are designed to last several years and do not need replacing at every service. It is because of this design feature that long-life service parts are considerably more expensive than standard car service parts.

At PTA, no additional work will take place without your say so. We will price and prioritise all repair work and help you to plan ahead and spread the cost of repairs to your vehicle.

Interim & full car servicing at PTA Garages

Quality Car Servicing

Here at PTA Garages, we take pride in our work and in providing quality car servicing at sensible prices. Our full service schedule complies with and protects the manufacturer's warranty without the associated Main Dealer prices.

Government legislation passed in 2003 relating to "Block Exemption" allows PTA Garages to carry out work on new cars because we use parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality and in accordance with manufacturer requirements.

As members of the Independent Garage Association (IGA), we are committed to the highest standards and outstanding customer service.

Interim & Full Servicing

We offer both interim and full service options. We recommend having a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles and an interim service every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Read more about the benefits of regular servicing in our blog.

The minimum road safety requirements of an MOT should not be confused as a substitute for servicing your vehicle - a service is important in its own right. Wherever possible, we recommend combining a service with an MOT testing - as there are elements of the MOT test that servicing does not cover e.g. brake performance readings, emissions testing and headlight aim.

Find out the difference between a full and interim service below:

Stage 1 Interim Full
Check vehicle history, mileage, & service schedule requirements
Stage 2: Road Test Interim Full
To test overall performance and handling of the vehicle - paying particular attention to any noises or issues associated with steering, suspension, brakes, clutch, bearings and exhaust (e.g. knocking, juddering, pulling etc).
Stage 3: Vehicle on Floor Interim Full
Check interior warning lamps/gauges
Check horn
Check wipers
Check, adjust and top up windscreen washers
Check windscreen and mirrors
Check exterior lightbulbs
Check and top up power steering fluid
Check, test and top up anti-freeze
Check, test and top up brake fluid
Check all apertures including fuel caps and seal
Check seat belts and seat security
Check condition/tension of auxiliary drive belt
Check engine compartment for noises on tick-over
Check, test battery condition and security
Check coolant, hoses, radiator and rad fan operation
Stage 4: Vehicle on Ramp Interim Full
Renew engine oil and filter
Check tyres: tread, pressures, condition, sizes, fitment, including spare
Check steering condition, wear, movement, dust covers. Includes rack, arms, rods, joints, hoses, pump
Check exhaust system, mountings, rubbers
Check brake system. Includes callipers, pipes, hoses, cables, pads and discs. Clean and adjust where applicable Front only
Check suspension condition, wear, movement, dust covers/gaiters. Includes shocks, springs, ball joints, arms, links Front only
Check wheel bearings Front only
Renew air filter (Long life service parts may incur an additional charge)
Renew pollen filter
Renew fuel filter (Long life service parts may incur an additional charge)
Renew spark plugs (Long life service parts may incur an additional charge)
Check wheels and valves
Check drive shafts/ prop shafts, cv joints, gaiters
Check transmission condition/gear box fluid
Check engine for oil leaks
Check fuel system for petrol/diesel leaks
Check chassis for rust/corrosion on sills and prescribed areas
Stage 5: Final Checks Interim Full
Check and advise timing belt replacement interval
Stamp service book
Reset service lights (Subject to the availability of data and equipment)
Road test
Clean engine covers
Lubricate door hinges and bonnet catch

Book car servicing near you

Need to book your full or interim car service? See our below locations where you can book your car service online today:

Collect & Return Service

Our South Godstone branch provides a FREE collection and delivery service within a 10-mile radius of the branch and the following areas when you purchase a Full or Interim car service:

  • Crawley
  • Sevenoaks
  • Tonbridge
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells

Outside of this 10-mile radius and above areas there is a small charge of £18.

To take advantage of this service, simply select this option during the checkout process and a member of our team will be in contact to arrange the collection of your vehicle.

Ready to book your service? Book online with PTA today or contact your local PTA branch for more information.