Wheel Alignment Service

If you are looking for a wheel alignment service, book at your convenience online. Wheel alignment, often referred to as wheel tracking, is a service that involves the correction of your wheel angles, so they are accurately reset to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring optimal performance and road safety.

FREE Wheel Alignment Check

If you have any concerns that your wheel alignment may be incorrect you can add a FREE Wheel Alignment Check to any online purchase, you make at PTA Garage Services. We use market leading ‘Super Tracker’ laser wheel alignment gauges to check that your wheel alignment is set to the manufacturer’s specifications. We also provide wheel tracking adjustments which you can add to your online basket.

Wheel Tracking

Wheel alignment, or car wheel tracking, is the process of setting a vehicle’s wheels to point in the correct direction, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This position is formulated based on the design of the steering and suspension of the vehicle and will enable your wheels to provide optimal handling.

Wheel alignment is measured by checking the angles of all four wheels to ensure that they still remain in the position specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If they do not, they can be adjusted – which is where our wheel alignment service comes in.

Why Choose PTA Garage Services?

  • Highly Trained Technicians - Our highly trained technicians carry out the Camber, Caster, Thrust Line, Toe in and Toe out checks.
  • 40+ years of experience - Offering motorists in the South East a friendly & professional service.
  • Warranty Protected - Work is guaranteed for 12,000 miles or 12 months.
  • Less to Pay at PTA - Honest, straightforward approach offering the most competitive prices to customers.

Wheel Alignment FAQs

Wheel tracking improves braking distance, fuel efficiency and driving quality. You should have your wheel alignment checked every 12,000 – 15,000 miles and after you have any work carried out to your suspension, steering, wheels or tyres.

It only takes small impacts such as hitting a kerb or driving over a pothole to offset your wheel alignment. Therefore, you should book a wheel alignment check if you notice any of the following:

  • Your tyres are wearing abnormally or unevenly
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when driving
  • Your steering wheel remains at an angle when driving in a straight line
  • Your steering wheel does not return easily after a turn

Wheel alignment (also known as tracking) is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven and quick tyre wear, affecting the handling and safety of a vehicle.

Misalignment of the wheels can also result in poor fuel economy because the car must work harder to go in a straight line, which is bad not just for your wallet but also for the environment.

It is strongly advised that you have a wheel alignment performed following any repair work on your steering and/or suspension, as work on these components might cause the wheels to become misaligned.

Car wheel alignment service with PTA Garages

For more information on your free wheel alignment check or how to check wheel alignment, find your local PTA Garage Services branch. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for more support and advice on tyre alignment.