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Can you drive a car with broken suspension?

The short answer is no - you should not drive a car with broken suspension. Regardless of whether it's a broken coil spring or a broken shock absorber, you cannot drive a vehicle which has any element of the suspension that is broken.

This is because a damaged or collapsed spring can cause sagging, which could cause more damage to your vehicle in the long-term. Broken suspension will also likely affect your alignment angles, compromising the control and stability of your vehicle.

Signs your vehicle needs suspension repair work

As car suspension is likely to gradually wear over time, this means that it can often be difficult to detect if there are any problems. Our top warning signs to look out for:

How long should a car suspension last?

The durability of a car's suspension depends on a variety of factors - such as:

Car suspension repair services

Here at PTA Garages, we offer a car suspension repair service. For any broken car suspension needs, or simply if you need some advice regarding whether your suspension is working in the most efficient way, we have you covered. Locate your nearest PTA Garage, or get in touch with a member of our helpful team now.