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How early can you MOT your car?

Every year, it's inevitable that the annual MOT creeps up on us - so why not be prepared? Get ahead of the game this year and find out how to MOT your car early. From MOT expiry rules to what happens if your MOT runs out, learn everything you need to know about when you can MOT your car today.

Early MOTS

How early can I MOT my car?

An MOT lasts for one year on any vehicle. You have exactly one year from your last test to when your next one is due to MOT your vehicle. However, there is the option to MOT your car early - this can be up to a month (minus a day) before your annual MOT runs out. If you choose to MOT your vehicle one month early, this doesn't mean your annual renewal date will change - it will stay the same as the year before on your certificate for next year. However, if you want to MOT your vehicle earlier than one month before the renewal date, this is also possible. In this instance, though, your annual renewal date will change - and your certificate will then be valid until 12 months from the new test date.

What happens if my MOT runs out?

It is illegal to drive a vehicle that's MOT has expired. The only exceptions to be able to drive in this circumstance are:

One of the most important things to note that if you take your MOT test early, and it fails, it is still not worthy to drive on the road - regardless of whether your MOT certificate has expired yet or not. If your car has failed its MOT, it is a danger to you, passengers and other road users.

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