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How to choose motorcycle tyres

When you're choosing the best motorcycle tyres, you want to ensure they're correct. Although buying motorbike tyres online can save you some cash, if you're not sure on the right size, the most appropriate make and model and the style of tyre you'd require - you may run into some problems.

So, when it comes down to choosing motorcycle tyres, you need to ensure:

Choosing the best motorcycle tyres for your bike

Next, you need to consider the specific requirements and needs of your motorbike. Do you want your motorbike for speed? Will you be using it for frequent long journeys or short trips? What is your specific riding style? There are generally four designations to choose from for your motorbike tyres:

Once you've decided on the family of tyre you'd like for your bike, you'll then need to consider the brand, manufacturer and sizing - which, at some points, will simply be a matter of personal preference.

What size tyres for my motorbike?

So, how do you know what size tyres you need for your motorcycle?

Motorcycle tyres have numbers, markings and symbols on each tyre which denote the tyre's size, model, manufacturer and more. This is similar to those of normal car tyres - and is explained in full detail on our tyre sidewall markings guide.

With that in mind, you will able to identify the aspect ratio, rim diameter, speed rating and more - allowing you to match up your existing tyre with a new replacement one of the exact same size.

Now you're more clued on how to choose motorcycle tyres, buy motorbike tyres online today from PTA Garages. Alternatively, find your local centre today and source out the best motorcycle tyres for your bike now.