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January Tyre of the Month - Bridgestone Ecopia Range

The Ecopia range from Bridgestone is PTA Garage Services Tyre of the Month this January

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to start looking after the contents of your wallet more closely – then our tyre of the month this January might be able to help you do just that.

We’ve chosen the Ecopia range of tyres from Bridgestone, this range is renowned for their fuel efficient designs. The Ecopia Range is designed to reduce your vehicles impact on your wallet as well as the environment, without compromising the level of quality expected from a Bridgestone tyre.

“Offering an excellent balance of safety, durability and economy, Ecopia tyres help you cut down on fuel consumption and carbon emissions while still enjoying the comfort and smooth handling you would expect from a premium Bridgestone tyre. Tread lightly but surely with Ecopia. Engineered with your safety in mind.”

The Ecopia range is hardwearing meaning the tyres will last longer, making them excellent value for money. Bridgestone have enabled any car to become more fuel efficient with this range – allowing drivers to ‘go farther on less energy’.

The engineering of these tyres has been inspired by both the eco-conscious and cost-conscious driver. Low rolling resistance means the tyre minimizes wasted energy. More energy is returned back into the tyre instead of generating heat and using unnecessary fuel.  As a result fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced. The Ecopia line is designed to enhance fuel economy, but at the same time, ensuring drivers aren’t missing out on all season performance and a smooth ride.

Take a look at the rolling resistance test below

Some of the tyres in the Ecopia range

The Ecopia EP150 is an excellent tyre for fuel efficiency
EP150 Low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy. Focused on safety and reliability in the wet. Dynamic handling while maintaining stability.

The Ecopia EP25 offers a superior environmental performance
EP25 The Ecopia EP25 is a premium tyre that has excellent environmental performance and is designed for the Toyota iQ & Peugeot 208

The Ecopia EP500 offers significant improvements in aerodynamics and rolling resistance
EP500 The Ecopia EP500 uses ologic technology to deliver significant improvements in aerodynamics and rolling resistance, while still offering outstanding grip in wet weather conditions.

Find out more about the Ecopia range here or search for your new Ecopia tyres using our simple tyre search tool. Book to have your new tyres fitted at your local PTA Garage Services at a time to suit you.

Bridgestone also has a handy tool for you to see how much you could save by switching to the Ecopia range. Visit their Fuel Savings Calculator to find out more.