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New Year's Driving Resolutions

Some choose to cut down on chocolate while others choose Dry January for their New Year's resolution. But January 1st isn't just a good time to improve your health - your resolutions could be tailored to your driving habits, how well you look after your vehicle and using it in the most purposeful way. Find out our top New Year's driving resolutions today to enhance your New Year.

Drive more economically

Ecosafe driving is a great new year's resolution because not only does it help you, it helps the environment, too. So, how do you drive more economically?

Drive safer

Distraction at the wheel

We've all heard it been said - but still, people do use their phones while driving. Even with the law tightening up with extra points on your license over the last year, mobile phones are still a huge distraction and are used often while driving. Put your phone in your bag - that way, you're not tempted to sneak a glance.

Car safety checks

Do any light bulbs need replacing? Is the oil level sufficient? Does the screen wash need replacing? Taking time out of the month for standard car safety checks can mean your overall driving is enhanced dramatically. It's often the little things that get pushed to one side ? but by taking care of your car this year, your overall driving will benefit.

Cut down on the bad driving habits

Bad driving habits could again be using a mobile phone, but it could also be other elements. For example, lazy driving would include not checking the rear-view mirrors properly before making turns; using one hand on the steering wheel even while reversing; and letting road rage get the better of you. Cutting down on these minor habits can lead to an overall much more pleasant driving experience.

Drive with purpose

Often, we use our vehicles to merely get us from A to B. From work to home, or to drop the kids off at school. But there's a whole world of driving waiting out there for us to explore - we just need to allow ourselves the time to do so.

Road trip around the UK

I bet not many people could say they've seen everywhere in the UK. There's an array of beautiful places right on our doorstep - and what better way to do so than on a Britain road trip? Whether it's just you, the family or with a friend, take to the tarmac and discover the wonders of the UK by car.

Drive further afield

If the UK isn't going to get your gears going, why not road trip around Europe? Start by driving to France and make your way around Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and more, all by car. Make sure you get your car serviced and properly tested before you go, and the world (well, Europe!) is your oyster!

Now you've chosen your new year's driving resolution, make sure you have everything you need from PTA Garages from car tyres to your car's MOT and service sorted.