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Post Summer Vehicle Checks

Make sure your car suffered no damage this summer and is prepared to cope when temperatures drop with these useful post summer vehicle checks from PTA Garage Services.

Fill Up Your Engine Fluids

Your engine oil and engine coolant are constantly being used so it is important to make sure that they are still at sufficient levels!

Check the level of your engine oil by inserting your dipstick, which should be wiped clean, in to the engine oil container and ensure that it meets the minimum marking. If it does not, you should top your oil up in line with your vehicle handbook.

If your engine oil is dark black in colour, gritty in consistency, or if it has been longer than advised since your last oil change, you should book to have your oil and filter changed. (This is included in a full or interim service at PTA Garage Services.)

You can check your engine coolant simply by looking at the liquid in the container and ensuring that it sits between the minimum and maximum markings. If you topped up your coolant over summer with water alone, you may wish to now use antifreeze ahead of dropping temperatures. Always follow guidelines set out by your manufacturer or visit a specialist to have your engine coolant topped up.

Check Your Wipers and Washer Fluid

As with your engine fluids, your windscreen wipers and washer fluid will also have been subject to wear over the summer.

Take a look at your windscreen washer container to ensure that the fluid sits above the minimum marking, top this up if necessary.

In addition, you should inspect your windscreen wipers and make sure that they do not contain any signs of damage such as fraying, cuts or tears. If they do, you should visit your local PTA Garage Services Centre to have them replaced as damaged windscreen wipers could cause expensive damage to your windscreen if left!

Inspect Your Tyres

You should also ensure that your tyres are safe and legal after driving this summer by undertaking some small tyre checks.

Visually inspect your tyres for signs of damage. These may include cracks, tears, lumps or bulges and contact a tyre specialist if you do notice anything of concern.

Check your tyre pressures are correctly inflated to the pressure specified by your vehicle manufacturer and also check your tyre tread depth and make sure that your tread is not below 3mm.

Look for Corrosion

Wet and cold weather are ideal conditions for corrosion to spread! Check your vehicle for any warning signs and have this rectified as soon as possible to prevent this from becoming a problem.

Visually check metal components of your vehicle, including the body and the visible part of your exhaust. Look out for shiny metal turning dull, orange or rough in texture.

Book a Car Service

To ensure that your vehicle has not suffered any damage this summer, book a full or interim service at PTA Garage Services.

Our servicing options include essential checks to the mechanical condition of your vehicle to make sure that it keeps running.