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PTA News: Demisting Your Windscreen This Winter

We are all familiar with those winter mornings spent bundled up in layers trying to remove the frost and mist from the car?s windscreen. Now it?s that time of the year again, the temperatures have dropped and that means earlier starts to prep your car for a safe journey.

Nobody loves this part of the day, but unfortunately clearing your windscreen is an absolute necessity, not only for your own safety but for the safety of other road users as well. So if you are looking to reduce your time spent shivering outside your car, follow our handy guide on getting the most out of your air conditioning for easier winter mornings!

Don?t Be a Law Breaker!

Many people don?t realise it, but driving with any kind of visual impairment is illegal! During winter when windows are frozen and misty, and snow is likely to fall at any time, it is more important than ever to prepare your care for a safe journey.

You wouldn?t drive with inches of snow on your roof, which could slide down in front of your window at any given moment. So don?t drive with nothing more than a pinprick of vision, ensuring that you have cleared your windscreen completely before setting off.

Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning

During the summer months our air-con becomes our best friend, but during the winter many drivers forget it exists. However, the role of air conditioning extends way beyond keeping us cool on those hot days, in fact it plays a vital role in helping keep your windscreen clear!

Alongside helping you to cool off, air-con is a great way to keep your car?s environment clean and fresh ? and believe it or not it can speed up that morning demisting process ten-fold!

To make the most out of your air-con, follow these handy tips:

  1. It is usually best to first use your heater to target any frost on your windscreen. The best thing you can do for fast-acting results is to point your heater JUST on your windscreen. We know how tempting it can be to try and get a bit of the warmth for yourself during winter, but focussing the heat just on your windscreen will help things along much quicker.
  2. If possible, stay outside your car! Your body temperature and warm breath will cause a lot of condensation inside a cold vehicle, so if you can handle the chill staying outside will speed things up nicely.
  3. Whilst your heater is doing its thing to remove any frost, turn your air conditioner on. This may sound counter-productive to the already freezing temperatures, but air con works to dry out all of the moisture within your car that gathers as a result of water vapour and presents itself in difficult to shift mist on your windscreen.

Are You Looking After Your Air Con?

Many of us will maintain those things that we see making a difference such as windscreen solution and oil, but did you know that air-con also requires topping up for it to work effectively?

Air conditioner uses a compressor filled with refrigerant, which cools down the air, however if forgotten about it can allow moisture in which leads to leaks and eventually pipework erosion!

Although your mandatory services do not call for your air-con to be checked, it is a manufacturing recommendation to have it services every two years or so, which is important for a host of reasons, some of which are below:

Unsure If You Need Your Air Con Servicing?

If you aren't sure when the last time your air con was checked over, why not come and see us at your local branch? We offer both air-con recharges, which involves the re-gassing of your system, as well as air-con purification to ensure you're breathing in only the cleanest of air.

You can find out more about our air-con services here, or click here to find your local centre.