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The Dangers Of Part Worn Tyres

Your vehicles tyres are the one point of contact between you as the driver and the road, meaning that if you cut corners with the quality of your tyres, you could also be putting yourself and others in extreme danger.

Don't believe us? Below are some figures taken within the last 5 years:

Despite the shocking figures, there are still huge numbers of drivers who opt to save a little money by purchasing second hand or 'part worn' tyres in order to replace their old tyres with something else on a budget.

What You Need To Know About Part Worn Tyres

We have been in the motoring business for many years, so we understand that the prices associated with vehicle maintenance aren't cheap.

With this in mind it can be incredibly tempting to part with a little cash for a tyre that looks just as good as a brand new one. What is even more concerning is that so many unassuming motorists have no idea of the real condition of the tyres they are purchasing, so here is our checklist of things to look out for when you are buying new tyres:

Are Part Worn Tyres Cheaper?

The main reason why people opt for part worn tyres is affordability, with new tyres costing often double the price if not more than a second hand one, motorists want to grab a deal where they can.

Although they may cost less than a brand new tyre at the point of purchase, the likelihood is that they will last less than half the time of a new tyre.

In short, part worn tyres are a short-term financial solution at a potentially massive price.

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe?

It is incredibly unlikely that you will ever find out the entire history of a part worn tyre, so it is impossible to know if they are 100% safe. Even a second hand tyre that passes all the legal checks could be unsafe, the truth it we just don't know where it came from and what it has been through before you got it.

Assuming that you have purchased legal part worn tyres, you still cannot benefit from the same level of safety as a brand new tyre would offer, which can be seen from the statistics below:

As the statistics show, many unscrupulous sellers will try to pull a fast one when it comes to reselling part worn tyres, so if you are an inexperienced vehicle owner you could quite easily be sold something under false pretences, and it is much easier than you think:

We would always recommend purchasing your tyres from a reputable company, as there aren't many out there who will supply part worn tyres as the risks are just too high.

Are Part Worn Tyres Legal?

Whilst part worn tyres are legal to sell, they must first go through a strict and rigorous process to ensure they are safe enough to be used on the roads. A tyre, which fails to pass these tests, should never be used on a vehicle, but many sellers will pass off dangerous and non-compliant tyres in order to make quick money.

A second hand tyre which is safe to drive will always have a part worn stamp on it which can be visible on inspection.

If you are caught driving with illegal part worn tyres, the punishment is extremely costly, with a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points, PER TYRE!

The question you want to ask yourself is does the risk outweigh the initial cost of investing in new and safe tyres?

Are You Ready For New Tyres?

Brand new tyres don't need to cost a fortune, you can get budget tyres that are reliable, safe and legal and can save yourself a lot of worry in the process!

If you are unsure about the safety of your tyres, or want to look at buying new ones, don't cut corners, you can check out the tyres we stock here, or find your local centre, we would love to help!