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Top 6 tips to maintain the value of your car

There are many easy ways to maintain your vehicle which will mean you can not only retain, but also get the full value of your car when you decide to sell.

Whether you own or lease your car, are planning on keeping it for a long time or just a few years, it makes sense to look after your car so you can retain its value, and condition.

As experts, we have put together below a list of our top tips to maintain a car, including our advice on how to add value to a car, along with answering some questions on what to do when you decide to sell.

1. Keep up with the repairs

Keeping your car running smoothly throughout your time of owning and driving it is important, and is one of our prime pieces of advice in helping retain the value.

By ignoring small niggles and mechanical problems which might not seem worth it at the time, this could prove to be a false economy in the long term.

One of the main questions we get asked about selling a car is 'should I repair my car before selling it?' The short answer is, yes, if not all through ownership. Not only could it save you a big mechanical bill - but it should save you the headache and stress of getting it booked in and fixed at the last minute.

2. Wash, wax and polish to perfection

We are sure most drivers don't fully enjoy cleaning their car on their day off, especially if it's winter.

However, by keeping up with a regular cleaning routine, ensuring the paintwork is in the best condition possible, will mean that the car's resale value should stay higher. By cleaning your car regularly, this means that any corrosion should be limited and you are more likely to spot any areas which may need a professional polish to gently buff away marks and blemishes.

3. Get a full service

Along with keeping up with running repairs, we always advise to get a full service and MOT test if its due, before you plan on selling the car. Not only will this pick up any repairs that may need doing, but it will also prove to the buyer that you were a conscientious owner and looked after the long running maintenance of it.

4. Buff the wheels

A quality and clean set of wheels can make a huge difference to the look of the car for any potential buyer, so making sure they are kept polished and in good condition is always a wise idea. Wheels quickly get covered in road grime and dirt, so keeping them clean not only helps them look good, but also means they last longer. If you are unsure if the tyres themselves need changing too, check out our article to see our advice on the best times to replace tyres.

5. Keep the lights shining bright

Dull headlights can also be off-putting for a potential buyer. If they get scratched and scuffed then this can dull their appearance, which in turn makes the car look uncared for.

Not only should lights be cleaned differently to the rest of the car, with fresh water and light soap, but it's important to ask someone to help you check that they are all working. Ensure that there are no bulbs which need replacing, as this could even lead to an MOT failure if they aren't working correctly.

6. Finding the right value

Once you finally decide to sell, a question we are often asked is how do you find the value of your car?

There are plenty of free online car valuation tools that you can look up online to get a good feel for the right value. Make sure you shop around, as if you were buying yourself, to see what the market value is. If you are taking it to a car sales lot, don't just accept the first offer you are given (remember, these are experts in haggling) so knowing the car's approximate value will pay dividends. It's also important to make sure you get all your documents in order, from MOT certificates, to spare keys, evidence of servicing . Your car will be worth a lot more with these in place, especially if it is for a private sale.

Contact your local PTA Garage Services if you need further guidance or would like one of our specialists to check the car before you look to sell.