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Tyre of the Month: Avon Ranger 70

Avon Ranger 70

This June we have named the Avon Ranger 70 as our tyre of the month. Ideal for high performance 4x4 vehicles, the Avon Ranger 70 provides superior handling and excellent stability in wet and dry summer conditions.

High Levels of Driving Stability

The Avon Ranger 70 is engineered using a specialist sidewall compound which works to enhance steering precision and improve handling capabilities. This enables the tyre to retain stability, even when cornering and accelerating for high levels of driver safety and control.

Excellent Wet Weather Performance

Constructed with specially shaped diagonal grooves on the tyre tread, the Avon Ranger 70 is optimised to rapidly evacuate water away from the tyre to provide enhanced resistance against aquaplaning. These diagonal grooves enable the tyre to retain contact with the surface of the road in wet conditions, resulting in superior grip on wet roads.

Increased Driving Comfort

Thanks to specialist Avon OptiNoise technology, the Avon Ranger 70 works to reduce external tyre noise for a quieter ride. In addition, its excellent steering properties result in a more comfortable and controlled driving experience.

Buy Avon Ranger 70 tyres online from PTA Garage Services and arrange a fitting at your local branch. Alternatively, browse the range of Avon tyres stocked at PTA Garage Services.