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Tyre of the Month: Avon ZZ5

As the weather is starting to warm up we have chosen excellent summer tyre Avon ZZ5 as our April tyre of the month.

Designed to provide ultra-high performance, the Avon ZZ5 is ideal for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars. The Avon ZZ5 has been tested throughout Europe on track and road.

Enhanced Handling Capabilities

Designed with a wide continuous outer shoulder area, the Avon ZZ5 works to retain stability for excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions. This tyre delivers precise steering thanks to its specially tuned construction and 2 ply rayon casing. Furthermore, the Avon ZZ5 offers a smooth driving performance thanks to its newly developed Tri-Arc mould shape which works to optimally distribute pressure across the tyre tread.

Superior Economy

The Avon ZZ5 is optimised to deliver long tyre life thanks to functional rim flange protectors which work to provide resistance against kerbing damage. Specially designed inner shoulders work to promote balanced tread wear so that the tread wears more evenly for longer life. In addition, the Avon ZZ5 achieves a quiet and comfortable drive thanks to the use of Avon’ specialist Optinoise technology.

Excellent Wet Weather Performance

The Avon ZZ5 is constructed with a specialist Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design which is divided in to three fundamental zones which combine to deliver superior performance in wet conditions. Designed with continuous central grooves, the Avon ZZ5 is optimised to efficiently evacuate water away from the tyre for high levels of resistance against aquaplaning. In addition, a highly loaded silica tread compound provides superior traction in wet conditions.

Buy Avon ZZ5 tyres online and arrange a fitting at your local PTA Garage Services branch.

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