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Tyre of the Month: ContiEcoContact 3

While the weather is still warm, meet our September's Tyre of the Month: the ContiEcoContact™ 3. Designed with small and compact cars in mind, learn more about this tyre of the month from our detailed guide.

A reliable eco-efficient tyre

Reduced fuel consumption

With superior fuel efficiency capabilities, this tyre is the perfect choice for small and compact vehicles. As this tyre offers drivers low rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption is achieved as a result - creating a more fuel-efficient journey.

Excellent wear properties

This tyre has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage and tyre longevity. It's asymmetrical tread design provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads, as well as shorter braking distances in all conditions.

Looking to buy your own ContiEcoContact™ 3 tyre? Browse our full selection of Continental tyres online now. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our expert team and find your nearest PTA branch.