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Tyre of the Month - ContiEcoContact 3

This January we have chosen the superior ContiEcoContact 3 as our tyre of the month. Designed as part of Continental’s safe and efficient EcoContact range, this tyre offers shorter braking distances and enhanced gripping capabilities without compromising economy.

ContiEcoContact 3

Designed for compact and mid-sized vehicles, the ContiEcoContact 3 offers enhanced handling properties and extremely good traction. This is due to its unique flexible silca compound which creates a strong connection between the tyre and the surface of the road, enabling high levels of traction in both wet and dry conditions. This is further enhanced by grip edges and incisions in the outer shoulder of the tyre which also reinforces the tyres grip to the road.

ContiEcoContact 3

The ContiEcoContact 3 has been constructed with an innovative asymmetric tread design which allows optimal contact with the ground. This large contact patch means that more of the tyre is in constant contact with the surface of the road and this results in shorter braking distances on wet and dry surfaces. In addition, the tread pattern strengthens the gripping capabilities of the ContiEcoContact 3 on dry surfaces and on wet, and it was awarded a ‘B’ grade for its grip on wet surfaces by the EU Tyre Label.

As well as offering safety and performance, the ContiEcoContact 3 is an extremely efficient tyre offering a long life and economical mileage. This is due to the use of a bionic contour which works to minimise tread deformation whilst the tyre is rolling. Therefore fuel consumption is lowered and tyre life is extended.

Buy ContiEcoContact 3 tyres for your car online today and have them fitted at a time to suit you at your local PTA Garage Services branch. Alternatively, you can take a look at the Continental tyres PTA Garages stock here.