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Tyre of the Month: ContiPremiumContact 2

ContiPremiumContact 2

This September we have selected the superior ContiPremiumContact 2 as our tyre of the month.

Continental’s PremiumContact range provides excellent handling capabilities and responsive braking in varying weather conditions. Ideal for medium-sized and luxury cars, the ContiPremiumContact 2 has been recommended by Auto Bild, Germany’s leading automobile publication, due to its ‘very good driving behaviour’ and ‘aquaplaning performance’.

Outstanding Braking Performance

The ContiPremiumContact 2 offers exceptional braking performance in wet and dry conditions thanks to optimal 3D grooves. These grooves work to evenly distribute pressure across the tyre, enabling enhanced contact with the surface of the road and exceptional levels of grip, resulting in responsive braking and shorter stopping distances. In addition, rigid tread blocks on the outer shoulder of the tyre provide stability when braking.

Enhanced Resistance Against Aquaplaning

Constructed with a large amount of tread blocks and an open inner shoulder area, the ContiPremiumContact 2 effectively disperses water away from the tyre to provide enhanced safety on wet surfaces. Furthermore, the optimally rounded shape of the contact patch increases contact with the road so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced.

Precise Handling

The asymmetric tread pattern helps to stiffen the shoulder of the tyre to offer precise handing and high levels of driving stability. This rigid shoulder can provide enhanced grip even when driving at fast motorway speeds.

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