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Tyre of the Month: Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart

August usually means long hot days which are perfect for riding, so we have chosen the superior motorbike tyre Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart as our tyre of the month. Ideal for lightweight and classic bikes, this tyre achieves high levels of grip and excellent mileage.

Dynamic Performance

The Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart is a traditional tyre suited for classic motorbikes whilst featuring modern technology for enhanced performance. Constructed with an innovative content structure featuring tailor-made silica, this tyre works to achieve state-of-the-art performance whilst offering enhanced mileage for extended tyre life.

Enhanced Wet Capabilities

Thanks to its advanced compound materials, this tyre achieves safety in wet conditions thanks to its optimal levels of grip. In addition, the Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart provides resistance against aquaplaning due to its advanced tread pattern design.

Stylish Design

The Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart has been designed with a stylish aesthetic to provide a sleek look for classic motorbikes. Furthermore, this tyre is optimised to achieve low warm-up time for improved handling.

Buy Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart tyres for your motorbike online and arrange a fitting at PTA Garage Services Shirley.

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