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Tyre of the Month: Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse

This January we have chosen the excellent Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse as our tyre of the month thanks to its excellent wet weather capabilities and precise handling capabilities. This tyre is also a more economical choice, engineered to minimise energy loss and wear, resulting in long tyre life and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Superior Wet Weather Performance

The Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse provides an excellent performance on wet surfaces for enhanced safety when you need it most. Designed with a specialist tread pattern that features wide tread grooves, this tyre works to rapidly evacuate water from the tyre tread for enhanced aquaplaning resistance. In addition, the compound contains high amounts of silica to provide excellent gripping capabilities on wet surfaces and short braking distances.

Excellent Cornering Capabilities

Constructed with an asymmetric tread design, this tyre features a stiff shoulder block which maintains shape for enhanced stability, even when cornering. This enables pressure to be evenly distributed across the contact patch of the tyre and this results in smoother transitions from straight to corner. Furthermore, the Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse uses Hybrid Overlay Technology which works to reduce tyre deformations at speed, delivering further handling precision.

Enhanced Road Feedback

Designed with Dunlop Touch Technology, this tyre is optimised to achieve a more tactile and responsive drive. Its flatter tread profile with a large contact patch area works to increase the amount of rubber in contact with the road, for enhanced road feedback, improved handling and reduced heel and toe wear. The Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse also features a Maximum Flange Shield to protect wheels from kerbing damage.

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