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Tyre of the Month: Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT

With its advanced technology and superior braking performance, it's clear to see why this tyre is ideal for sports driving during the warmer months. Find out more about why this Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT is July's Tyre of the Month now.

High performance sports driving

Smoother transitions

As well as conducting a high-performance drive you can rely on throughout the summer season, this dependable tyre maintains its shape at motorway speeds - helping to reduce tyre wear. The structural design of the tyre allows for pressure to be distributed more evenly across to contact patch - leading to smoother transitions from start to finish.

Exceptional responsiveness

With a specially designed tread compound, this summer tyre is infused with racing carbon black - enhancing its dry grip and superior braking performance. Any sports driver with these tyres can experience precise handling and ultimate responsiveness due to Dunlop Touch Technology - a combination of several advanced features to deliver accurate handling, and a tyre you can trust.

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