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Tyre of the Month: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Looking for a summer tyre designed with excellent grip and short braking distances? Perfect for summer driving, meet June's Tyre of the Month - Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Learn more about this superior tyre now.

Designed for sports cars and dynamic drivers

Short braking distances

Providing short braking distances, this Michelin tyre provides high levels of performance as a superior summer tyre. Constructed with a specialist Twaron® belt, which is designed to work to optimally distribute forces, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre ensures greater stability, even at high speed, for a performance you can rely on.

Superior grip

Thanks to dual compound technology, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport provides both excellent cornering capabilities and superior wet grip for all-round performance. For a tyre you can depend on during the summer months, this Michelin tyre is the perfect choice.

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