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Tyre of the Month – Pirelli P Zero

Here at PTA Garage Services, we have chosen the Pirelli P Zero as our tyre of the month this February. Bearing the slogan ‘faster than your mind’, this tyre is superior when it comes to performance and is ideal for powerful models and dynamic drivers. Pirelli are well known for their association with motorsports and they have utilised their extensive sporting history to create the P Zero, a tyre which has become a reference point for ultra-high performance sports vehicles.

The Pirelli P Zero has been optimised to offer an exceptional performance and an enhanced driving experience, and every aspect of it has been carefully constructed to reflect this.

S' shaped tread design enables superior stability when brakingDesigned with an innovative ‘S’ shaped tread design, the Pirelli P Zero is able to offer safety under critical braking conditions. This is because the ‘S’ shape helps the tyre to distribute the braking forces across the whole footprint of the tyre. This means that when pressure is applied the Pirelli P Zero is able to retain its form and ensure stability when braking at speed and on corners.

Large, sturdy shoulder area provides control at high speedThe Pirelli P Zero offers an enhanced handling performance for sports driving due to the outer shoulder of the tyre which has been constructed to feature large rigid blocks. The sturdiness of these blocks result in high lateral rigidity and in turn the tyre is able to respond accurately to steering. This means that the driver can retain control at high speeds.

Longitudinal grooves work to resist aquaplaningConstructed as a superior tyre, the Pirelli P Zero also gives an excellent performance in wet conditions. This is due to the three longitudinal grooves that run down the tyre. These grooves work to rapidly expel water from the tyre’s path and allow the Pirelli P Zero increased safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations.

The Pirelli P Zero has also been labelled the ‘Consumer’s Choice’ by Consumer Reports, ‘Number One in the Motor Tyre Test’ by Motor Magazine and ‘Very Recommendable’ by Auto Zeitung, Germany’s leading automotive publication. In March 2015, this tyre was also labelled the winner of a number of tests created by Sports Auto including ‘Wet Braking Distance’, ‘Dry Braking Distance’ and ‘Handling on Wet Surface.’

Buy Pirelli P Zero tyres online at PTA Garage Services and have them fitted at your local branch at a time to suit you. Alternatively, you can explore the range of Pirelli tyres stocked by PTA Garage Services here.