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Tyre of the Month - Uniroyal RainSport 3

PTA Garage Services have chosen the superior Uniroyal RainSport 3 tyre as our tyre of the month this September.

Uniroyal are famous for inventing the rain tyre, meaning their tyres are guaranteed to offer a superb wet weather performance, and the RainSport 3 is no exception.

In the UK and Ireland, it rains for around 165 days each year and the risk of having an accident is twice as high on wet roads as it is on dry roads*. So, owning a set of trustworthy and reliable tyres which can cope with wet conditions is highly recommended.

Winner of the Red Dot award, an international award for product design, the Uniroyal RainSport 3 is renowned for its excellence, offering short braking distances and high resistance against aquaplaning.

Innovative SharkSkin technology provides resistance to aquaplaning The RainSport 3 has been constructed using Uniroyal's innovative Shark Skin Technology which optimally combines the advantages of asymmetrical and directional patterns. This pattern works to rapidly channel water out of the longitudinal grooves, thereby providing greater protection against aquaplaning and offering suppression of water turbulence on the surface of the tyre.

Awarded an 'A' grade for wet grip by the EU Tyre Label Thanks to a greater amount of sipes, the RainSport 3 offers improved grip as the edges of the tyre improve contact with the road surface. The RainSport 3 was certified a grade A in the wet braking category by the EU Tyre Label. This tyre benefits from the use of RTC (rain tyre compound) which helps to transfer high braking forces due to higher damping of tread compound, this means that braking is enhanced on both wet and dry conditions.

High lateral shoulder stiffness means grip is not compromised FCC (fast curve configuration) technology further enhances the superior grip capabilities of the RainSport 3. High lateral stiffness of the shoulder blocks allows the direct transfer of side forces, meaning that grip is not compromised. Handling is also improved thanks to flexible shoulder blocks which adapt optimally to the road surface. This helps the tyre to remain in contact with the road and results in high grip, even whilst cornering.


Buy Uniroyal RainSport 3 tyres for your car and have them fitted at your local PTA Garage Services branch at a time to suit you. Alternatively, explore the Uniroyal tyre range here or call your local PTA Garage services branch with any questions you may have regarding your new car tyres.