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Tyre of the Month: Yokohama W.Drive V902B

Perfect for the beginning of the chillier months, the Yokohama W.Drive V902B tyre is October’s Tyre of the Month.

It’s suggested that you should change from your summer to winter tyres when the temperature gets consistently below 7 degrees or less. The start of October saw some chilly mornings, so it may be time to think about changing to winter tyres if the temperatures begin to decrease. Learn more about our selection of winter tyres today.

A winter tyre perfect for seasonal transition

Enhanced traction and control

Designed to withstand the harsh winter conditions such as snow and ice, the W.Drive V902B tyre offers enhanced traction and excellent control.

This winter tyre features a wide surface area - enabling more rubber to retain contact with the surface of the road. Not only does this help to keep individual blocks stable, but it also allows the tyre to provide enhanced handling capabilities on a mix of surfaces from dry to wet and snow covered.

Superior grip

This Yokohama tyre achieves superior levels of grip, due to its unique 3D-shaped designed sipes with polyhedral surfaces. These sipes are useful as they maximise the biting edge area of the tyre. Additionally, this winter tyre is fitted with a micro silica based compound, which enables the W.Drive V902B tyre to maintain rigidity and stability in a range of temperatures.

Explore our selection of Yokohama tyres online today. Alternatively, browse through our full range of tyres to buy online from your local PTA garage.