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Tyre of the Month: Yokohama W.Drive V902B

This December we have chosen the Yokohama W.Drive V902B as our tyre of the month. This superior winter tyre delivers high levels of safety and performance on dry, wet and snow covered surfaces and they remain flexible at low temperatures for excellent grip in difficult winter weather conditions.

Excellent Aquaplaning Resistance

Winter weather can often mean difficult wet conditions on the road. The Yokohama W.Drive V902B has been constructed with a specialist high-rigid asymmetric tread design to deliver optimal performance on wet surfaces. Its specialist lug grooves work to efficiently drain slush and snow from the tyre, enabling it to maintain contact with road.

Superior Traction

The Yokohama V902B features 3D-shaped sipes with a polyhedral shaped surface which provide superior traction on dry, wet and snow-covered surfaces. In addition, a high density of sipes maximise the edge effect of the tyre and enable it to bite in to snow and ice for enhanced grip in difficult winter weather conditions.

Enhanced Handling Performance

Thanks to its specialist compound, this tyre delivers excellent handling in low temperatures. Created with flexible polymer, the compound of the Yokohama W.Drive V902B retains softness in cold conditions, enabling the tyre to remain supple and better grip the surface of the road. In addition, thanks to its specialist tread pattern design which features high stiffness blocks in the outer tread zone, this tyre provides an excellent dry cornering performance.

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