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Our free check includes tyres, brakes, suspension check and fluid level top up Spring is finally here, however, it is vital that you ensure that the cold conditions of winter did not leave any lasting damage to your vehicle.

Although temperatures might be starting to get milder, spring weather can also provide challenging driving conditions of its own including floods, potholes and an increased amount of smaller road users like cyclists and pedestrians.

To help increase your safety on the road this spring, PTA Garage Services will be offering FREE safety checks. Book yours today!

PTA Garage Services will check:


It is vital that your tyres are able to effectively resist aquaplaning in wet spring weather and that you can quickly come to a stop when needed. This is why PTA Garage Services will check you have sufficient levels of tyre tread and your tyre pressures are correct, whether you have just switched to summer tyres or use the same tyres all year. We will also visually inspect the condition of your tyres.


In spring it is likely that there will be a greater number of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. This means that it is even more important that you can rely on your brakes. PTA Garage Services will take a look at your brake pads, check that your brake fluid meets a sufficient level and that it has the correct moisture content. If we do find any problems, we will advise you upon the best action to take.


Although winter seems to be over, it may have left damage behind. During the check, we will inspect the condition of your battery to ensure that it was not affected this winter. We will ensure that it is in good condition by undertaking a computerised check of the charge rate, battery performance and running a drop test.


Our specialists will take a look at all the exterior lights on your vehicle to ensure that they are in good working condition.


We will inspect your wipers and washers to ensure that they are performing to their full potential. We will also check that you have a sufficient amount of windscreen fluid and top up your windscreen washer bottle if necessary.

Engine Fluids

Our trained specialists will also take a look under the bonnet, to ensure that your engine fluids have not dropped below their required levels. We will inspect your engine oil, anti-freeze and engine coolant levels and will advise you if we find that they are not sufficient.

Don’t Forget

In spring, driving conditions can be difficult and it is important that your vehicle is optimised to cope.

The best way to get your vehicle ready for spring is with a FREE safety check from PTA Garage Services and by keeping on top of tyre safety by frequently checking your tread depth, tyre pressure and tyre condition.

To book your free spring safety check from your local PTA Garage Services branch, simply add it to your basket when making an online purchase.