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Visit PTA Garages for a free safety check this Winter

Winter can be hard on vehicles, as cold temperatures and difficult conditions can lead to problems. Winter is the most common time for drivers to suffer breakdowns, which is unsurprising when ice, snow, rain and darkness are just some of the issues that vehicles and drivers will face.

Many winter related breakdowns could be avoided if you have your vehicle fully checked to ensure that it will perform to its full potential during the colder months. That’s why PTA Garage Services will be offering FREE checks to ensure your peace of mind this winter.

PTA Garage Services will check:

Engine Oil

We will check that your engine oil is at a sufficient level for winter journeys and advise you if it does require topping up.

Cooling System

Due to cold temperatures, your cooling system is prone to freezing in winter if your anti-freeze levels have dropped too low. This is why we will check your anti-freeze levels and your coolant strength is sufficient.


Over winter, your screenwash needs to remain at the correct concentration to ensure that it does not freeze. Our specialists will take a look at your windscreen fluid and top up your windscreen washer bottle if necessary. We will also ensure that wipers and washer are operating correctly.


It is important that you can rely on your brakes in winter, as slippery surfaces and decreased visibility means that you will potentially be using them more frequently. We will check your brake fluid level and moisture content as well as visually inspect the thickness of your brake pad lining. If we do find any problems, we will advise you on the best action to take.


Battery failure is the most common cause of roadside breakdowns and needs attention when temperatures begin to drop. Our specialists will check the condition of your battery, to ensure that it can cope with harsh winter conditions and increased usage. This includes a computerised check of the charge rate, a drop test and battery performance.


It is important that your tyres are able to efficiently grip and resist aquaplaning in frozen and thawing conditions. We will check that you have sufficient tread depth and that your tyre pressures are correct. We will also undertake a full visual inspection of your tyres.

Exterior Lights

Our specialists will also check all your exterior lights to ensure that they are performing to their full potential.

What You Should Check

A free winter check from PTA Garage Services is the best way to ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter, however, it is crucial that you undertake regular checks at home.

You should check the following at regular intervals:





To book your free winter check from your local PTA Garage Services branch simply add it to your basket whilst making an online purchase.