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What can cause heavy steering?

Heavy steering can be an irritation. But not only can it require more strength to turn your wheel, the causes behind heavy steering mean it could be impacting the safety and performance of your vehicle, too. Learn what can cause heavy steering and solutions to avoid it from our detailed guide.

What is heavy steering?

Heavy steering refers to when the steering wheel of your vehicle becomes stiff, making it difficult to turn. This can be caused by a number of things, such as tyre pressure, lack of fluid oil and tyre alignment. Heavy steering means that it is more difficult to steer your vehicle, and the performance of the car can be compromised by a stiff, unreactive steering wheel. Think you have a problem with your steering? Locate your nearest centre to have your vehicle checked over by our one of our experts.

Steering wheel hard to turn? Learn why

So, what causes heavy steering? Some of the most common reasons behind why your steering feels heavy can include:

How to avoid heavy steering wheels

However, heavy steering is preventable in some cases. A few of the ways to avoid issues with your steering can include:

If you have any further questions on what can cause heavy steering, or if your steering has become heavy and you need some support, get in touch with a member of our expert team. Locate your nearest PTA Garage today for any motoring support.