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When Should I Replace My Windscreen Wipers?

Damaged or broken windscreen wipers could damage your windscreen or may even cause you to fail your MOT test, so it is important that you ensure yours are in good condition. Windscreen wipers are fairly inexpensive to replace and you should frequently check yours to make sure that they are in good condition.

Why are Windscreen Wipers Important?

Windscreen wipers are a relatively small component of your vehicle but they are crucial when it comes to ensuring that you have a clear and unobstructed view of the road. If your windscreen wipers are in bad condition, or otherwise damaged, they may not effectively clear water, mud or snow from your windscreen or they may even cause streaks, making it difficult for you to see and compromising your safety on the road.

As well as being vital to the safety of you and your passengers on the road, windscreen wipers could fail your MOT test if you don’t look after them. To pass your MOT test, the MOT tester must be sure that you have an unobstructed view of the road ahead, and if your windscreen wipers are not working effectively your vehicle could fail its MOT test.

How Do Windscreen Wipers Get Damaged?

As with most components of your vehicle, windscreen wipers are subject to the general wear and tear that comes with use. Windscreen wipers are constructed using rubber and will harden with age and use, meaning that they can become stiff which could cause damage such as scratches to your windscreen.

Windscreen wipers also face seasonal damage, as they become frozen in winter conditions and then are subjected to high temperatures in summer. In addition, if you use your windscreen wipers to remove thick snow in winter you could put pressure on the motor, causing it to blow a fuse.

When Is It Time to Replace My Windscreen Wipers

Fortunately, you can easily identify when it is time to change your windscreen wipers by undertaking some small checks frequently. You should look out for the following signs...

Visit PTA Garage Services

If you think it may be time to have your windscreen wipers replaced contact your local PTA Garage Services branch where one of our trained specialists will be able to offer further guidance.

In addition, PTA Garage Services offer a FREE Pre-Journey Check with any online purchase which includes an inspection of the operation of your wiper and washer system. Simply add the FREE Pre-Journey Check to your order in the basket.