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When to change wiper blades

Noticed streaking or smearing on your windscreen? Or perhaps you’ve heard some unusual noises such as squeaking or screeching when the wipers are on? Your wiper blades could need replacing. Find out everything you need to know about when to change wiper blades today.

How long do wiper blades last

Wiper blades life span can depend on a number of factors including how often they are used, the initial quality of the blades themselves and environmental factors such as weather. Usually, it’s recommended that wiper blades last between 6 months to 1 year.

However, regular servicing and MOT tests should identify if you need your wiper blades replacing.

How to tell if wiper blades need replacing

Although, it’s advisable to not just rely on servicing and MOTs to ensure your car is at its optimum health level. Checking your wiper blades for signs of damage could be the difference between a pass and a fail on your MOT. Here are signs to look out for that your wiper blades may need changing:

When to change wiper blades

As soon as you can see there is wear or damage to your windscreen wipers, these should be replaced. This is because when windscreen wipers are worn, they can cause damage to the windscreen. Any slight damage to the windscreen, or obstruction to the driver’s line of vision, will result in an MOT failure.

Top Tip: don’t forget to check your rear windscreen wiper, too! Although not used as often, it’s still worth checking there is no wear on the wiper blade.

Unsure if a wiper blade replacement is due for your vehicle? Make an appointment to have your windscreen wipers replaced at PTA Garages – find your local centre today.