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Why are my brakes squeaking?

Arguably one of motorists' biggest pet-peeves is hearing your brakes squeak as you come to a halt in a traffic queue... but are squeaky brakes dangerous? Find out why brakes squeak and how to fix squeaky brakes from our ultimate guide.

Why do brakes squeak?

Often, the cause of squeaking brakes can be due to the surface rust being scraped off the discs by the brake pads. This can be especially common when you first drive the car in the morning, particularly after rain or snow. Another cause of squeaky brakes could be the result of moisture and dirt that has been collected by the discs. It's likely this sort of brake squeak should disappear after a few brake applications.

Naturally, when you put pressure on your brake pads, its likely you'll hear some noise - such as a grinding or swishing noise if they're not warmed up first thing in the morning. It's perfectly normal, and you'd never expect to hear silence when braking your vehicle. However, if your brakes are squeaking every time you apply the brakes, or continually while driving, it's likely the cause is something more serious - such as the built-in wear indicator suggesting you may need new brake pads. If you're unsure whether you need new brakes or not, book in for a free brake check with your local PTA Garages today. One of our trained experts can help advise you on the next best steps.

How to fix squeaky brakes

So, how do we silence those pesky squeaking brakes for good? Changing the brakes pads to a different type of friction material could silence the squeak - which is where our experts can help. Another way to fix squeaky brakes is by using shims or lubricants which are designed to reduce the squeakiness of brakes - however, it's important to not use anything which will change the friction characteristics of the pad, as this could reduce the system's effectiveness and become dangerous.

That's why your local PTA garage should be your first port of call - our free brake check will advise you why your brakes are squeaking and what's the best solution for the issue. If you're still wondering 'why do my brakes squeak', get in touch with a member of our helpful team today for more information.