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Will your car pass its MOT?

Whether your vehicle is undergoing its first MOT (required once the vehicle is three years old) or its tenth, every driver is right to be apprehensive when taking their vehicle to its yearly MOT test.

Carrying out a few simple checks on your vehicle before you book your MOT test, can be the difference in your vehicle passing or you receiving a VT30 failure document.

Read our MOT checklist, and give your vehicle the best chance of passing its MOT test;


Check that your tyres have sufficient tread, and have no cuts, bulges or damage. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6m, an easy way to check this is to grab a 20p and slot it in the tread grooves on each of your tyres - if you can see the outer edge of the 20p, then your tyre is below the legal limit. (image)


Check your brake lights, headlights and indicators to ensure they are all working - with nearly a third of all tests failing due to vehicle lights not working, its a common check many motorists forget to carry out.

Seat belt

Do all the seats in your vehicle have a working seat belt? Pull out each of the seat belt the whole way and check for damage.


The function of your drivers seat will be checked, does it move forwards and backwards?


Ensure your wipers clear your windscreen, and check for any damage to your windscreen. If your windscreen does have any damage larger than 10mm within the A zone (right in front of the driver) your vehicle will fail, a pass will be given if the damage is less than 10mm, as this can be repaired. If you notice any damage, have it repaired before the MOT. (image)

Fuel & Oil

Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel and oil for your MOT tester to check the emissions of your vehicle - you could be turned away from your MOT test if your vehicle does not have these.

Beep Beep - Your Vehicles Horn

Does your horn work? A silent horn is a guaranteed MOT test failure, if your horn isn't working have it repaired or replaced prior to your test.


In March 2013, MOT testing elements changed and your vehicle’s dashboard was added to the MOT test checklist. If any warning lights stay on for longer than a few seconds after your start your vehicle, it may fail the MOT. If you notice any of your dashboard lights are on continuously get these checked over by your local garage before heading to your MOT test.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicles MOT test contact one of our 5 DVSA (formally VOSA) approved MOT test centres in Bromley, Edenbridge, Shirley, Oxted and South Godstone or simply book your MOT online for only £45.