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Bridgestone Motorbike Tyres

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Battlax Range

The Battlax range has been designed using Bridgestone’s experience with MotoGP and features a huge variety of tyres from touring to racing and suitable for small to large motorbikes. What they have in common is that they are all superior tyres designed for high performance and represent premium quality from the Bridgestone brand.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlax RS10 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlax RS10

The Battlax RS10 is a superior motorbike tyre providing confidence-inspiring handling for excellent sports performance. Designed with a specialist new formula compound and re-engineered tread design, the Battlax RS10 is optimised to deliver outstanding precision and handling for a dynamic ride.

Constructed with parallel grooves, this tyre works to rapidly evacuate water away from the tread for surefooted performance in wet conditions. In addition, the Battlax RS10 delivers reliable grip thanks to its specialist compound construction.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlax BT-023

Designed to deliver high levels of safety in wet conditions and a balanced riding performance, the Battlax BT-023 is a superior tyre for touring bikes. Thanks to an advanced tread pattern design, this tyre retains high levels of riding stability whilst extending mileage. This tyre achieves excellent gripping capabilities due to its innovative triple-compound construction, resulting in a perfect balance between high-speed cruising and steering response.

In addition, the Battlax BT-023 provides excellent performance in wet and dry conditions thanks to its specialist silica-reinforced compound.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Pro motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlax BT-016 Pro

The Battlax BT-016 Pro provides excellent durability and reliable handling for a superior riding performance. Constructed with a specialist tread pattern design, this tyre works to evacuate water from the tyre for excellent aquaplaning resistance and enhanced safety in wet conditions.

Thanks to its advanced multi-compound construction on both front and rear tyres, the Battlax BT-016 offers excellent handling capabilities across different road conditions for a performance you can rely on. Furthermore, this tyre is optimised to resist wear for high levels of durability and long tyre life.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlax BT-021 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlax BT-021

Providing the ultimate in luxury sport touring, the Battleax BT 021 provides comfort, safety and high performance. Designed with an innovative tread pattern, the Battlax BT-021 offers high levels of safety in wet and dry conditions as it retains a tight grip with the road, even whilst cornering.

In addition, optimised to resist high forces, this tyre retains its shape at high speeds. This results in an outstanding steering response and high levels of steering precision.

Buy new Bridgestone Battleax S20 Evo motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battleax S20 Evo

Designed using real MotoGP technology for a professional performance, the Battleax S20 Evo is an outstanding sports tyre that provides an exhilarating ride.

As well as providing high levels of riding performance, the Battleax S20 Evo retains superior safety. Constructed using a silica rich compound, this tyre offers a more consistent and long lasting grip, even in wet and cold conditions. This means that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced and safety is enhanced.

Battlecross Range

Bridgestone’s Battlecross range has been designed to provide an excellent off-road performance. Constructed with Bridgestone’s most advanced motocross technology, this range provides the grip, speed and control you need to face any terrain.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlecross X30 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlecross X30

The Battlecross X30 offers an excellent off-road performance for adventurous riders. Designed with an optimised profile and block construction, this tyre provides high traction on all terrain and boosts grip and stability when braking and cornering.

In addition, this tyre has been constructed to offer superior gap absorption and contact feel, providing unprecedented stability when riding.

Buy new Bridgestone Battlecross X40 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battlecross X40

Offering the best in off-road performance, the Battlecross X40 has been engineered to tackle even the hardest terrain with precision. Thanks to its innovative tread design, the Battlecross X40 provides high levels of response, resulting in an exhilarating, high performance ride.

The Battlecross X40 also offers enhanced levels of traction due to its optimised profile which works to tightly grip the ground.

Battle Wing Range

For a superior performance on all surface conditions, Bridgestone developed the excellent Battle Wing range. This range has been specially designed for riders who desire the freedom and ability to go anywhere.

Buy new Bridgestone Battle Wing BW-501 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battle Wing BW-501

Providing the thrill of adventure without sacrificing safety, the Battle Wing BW-501 has been optimised to offer a superior off-road performance in all weather. Designed with a deep-cut tread pattern, this tyre provides exceptional gripping capabilities, improving off-road traction.

Furthermore, the Battle Wing BW-501 offers an extended tyre life thanks to its balanced tread depth and distribution which reduce irregular wear and work to resist damage.

Buy new Bridgestone Battle Wing BW-502 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Battle Wing BW-502

The Battle Wing BW-502 is a performance tyre specially designed for those who enjoy adventurous off-road riding. Constructed with innovative base grooves, the Battle Wing BW-02 provides enhanced contact with the surface of the terrain beneath you, resulting in superior handling capabilities.

In addition, the Battle Wing BW-502 provides better grip in wet and dry conditions thanks to its High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord (HTSPC), which features five steel filaments. The HTSPC helps to reinforce tyre stiffness and equally distribute pressure, optimising the tyre footprint and enhancing its gripping capabilities.

Exedra Range

The Exedra range has been designed by Bridgestone for riders who demand extra from their tyres. Offering excellent handling and durability, the Bridgestone Exedra range is a popular choice for crusing and touring.

Buy new Bridgestone Exedra Max motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Exedra Max [E-Maxx]

This tyre is the most popular choice worldwide for Japanese cruisers as well as other heavy-weight and long-distance touring bikes. The cutting edge pattern designs have been tested on a wide variety of roads around the world. This ensures excellent stability and a reliable response when you need it most.

The Exedra Max’s tread design has been optimised to reduce noise and also improve efficiency – this gives a smooth, comfortable and economical ride. Excellent grip and line traceability is evident, even when carrying heavy loads. This gives drivers the freedom to cruise with total peace-of-mind. Reclaim the road with the Exedra Max!

Buy new Bridgestone Exedra G271 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Exedra G271

These are touring tyres with excellent grip under high-performance conditions. A comfortable ride is evident thanks to the neutral handling which gives the rider superior stability. A contemporary design adds to the modern, attractive tyre profile.

High levels of grip and very high durability are evident thanks to the modern compound used to make the tyre. Security guaranteed from Bridgestone, Exedra tyres allow peace of mind and enjoyment when you're on the road.

Buy new Bridgestone Exedra G852 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Exedra G852

The G852 is a touring tyre with excellent grip under high-performance conditions. A comfortable ride is clearly evident as a result of neutral handling. This gives the rider superior stability. The tyre sports a contemporary design which includes a modern, attractive tyre profile.

The top range compound used in the tyre’s construction, means high levels of grip and very high durability. Exedra tyres guarantee safety and enjoyment when you're on the road.

ML Range

The Bridgestone ML range has been specially constructed for the quality conscious rider and to meet the challenges of urban driving. This core scooter line provides excellent gripping capabilities with a long life for a reliable and sporty performance.

Buy new Bridgestone ML50 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services


Designed with an aggressive tread pattern, the ML50 ensures a reliable performance on wet and dry city roads. This tread also provides superior braking and acceleration response, providing riders with the flexibility to negotiate tight situations.

Trail Wing Range

Providing a superior performance both on and off-road, the Bridgestone Trail Wing range provides riders with the option to ride anywhere. The superior design of this range enables it to provide riders with high quality and confident reliability.

Buy new Bridgestone Trail Wing TW152 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Trail Wing TW152

Chosen as original fitment on high-powered bike brands including BMW and Honda, the Trail Wing TW152 is a superior on-off road tyre with an emphasis on street application.

This tyre provides high levels of stability whilst riding thanks to the use of Bridgestone’s new generation outside bead filler. This technology helps to provide optimum stiffness for excellent shock absorption and resistance against external forces, resulting in stable and precise handling.

Buy new Bridgestone Trail Wing TW40 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Trail Wing TW40

The Trail Wing range stands for superior off-road performance that is tailored to the specific needs of your individual machine. Available in a wide spectrum of patterns, sizes, speed indexes and OE specifications, the ground-breaking design includes Bridgestone’s trusted off-road technology. The tyres are optimised for all possible surfaces and conditions. Superior construction means that the Trail Wing stands for quality, reliability and performance, whatever your driving needs.

For further information visit the Bridgestone website.