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Dunlop Motorbike Tyres

Looking for Dunlop motorcycle tyres? We have a wide range – spanning from sport and touring to adventure and trail. Order your new Dunlop motorbike tyres from PTA Garage Services now, and browse our collection in detail below..

Sport and Touring

Buy new Dunlop K8 1 TT100 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

K81 TT100

Improving on the legend

The TT100 became the first tyre to lap the TT course over 100mph, back in 1969. The tyre of today sports the same unmistakeable style but has benefit from advancements in tyre technology. Perfect for lightweight and classic bikes, this traditional tyre offers riders cutting edge performance and durability.

Buy new Dunlop K70 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services


Classic looks with modern technology

The K70 is a vintage range that has been specifically developed to fit and compliment classic bikes. This range provides riders with all the confidence of Dunlop’s up-to-date tyre technology, whilst also seamlessly finishing off the timeless appearance of classic bikes.

Buy new Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Sportmax Roadsmart II

All-new Roadsmart II picks up where the Roadsmart left off...

With even more dry grip, mileage and wet-weather performance, the rubber compounds used in this tyre include silica to help deliver impressive performance while also extending wear. A new cosecant-curve tread pattern helps promote even tyre wear. The stiffened pattern extends tyre longevity and an increased tread depth, further promotes water channelling while also extending tyre mileage. Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) enables greater latitude in line choice while cornering as well as light, linear handling and puts down a bigger footprint at extreme lean angles.

Buy new Dunlop SportSmart II motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

SportSmart II

High Speed Potential

Technologically advanced and engineered specifically for sports bikes, the SportSmart II is a superior tyre that delivers comfort, durability and the potential for high speeds. Designed with Multi-Tread technology, the SportSmart II provides better cornering in wet and dry conditions as its specific shoulder compound works to enhance grip. Furthermore, its lightweight shape enables an agile and durable performance whilst enhancing riding comfort.

Buy new Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Arrowmax StreetSmart

The StreetSmart is the ideal tyre for older or classic bikes, giving a modern, sleek finish to some of the greatest motorbikes on the road. This tyre has been designed specifically for mid-range commuter motorcycles that are ridden in a range of weather conditions. A traditional tyre concept has been cleverly combined with the latest compound and casing technology, to reduce tyre warm up time. This means riders will experience an improvement in the handling of their motorcycle. A unique tread design has also been included to improve water expulsion, meaning better grip and performance when used in wet conditions.

As the Arroxmax StreetSmart has been developed with a silica compound and includes deep tread grooves, this tyre offers greater mileage than most other motorbike tyres of this kind.

Buy new Dunlop SportMax Mutant  motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

SportMax Mutant

Back It In With Confidence

Providing high performance in wet and dry conditions on both on-road and moderate off-road terrain, the SportMax Mutant is a superior sports touring tyre. Its wide footprint has been designed to enable superb manoeuvrability and total control, even when cornering, as a larger contact patch maintains grip with the surface of the road. The SportMax Mutant also provides high levels of performance in moderate off-road conditions thanks to its aggressive tread pattern and innovative compounds.

Adventure and Trail

Buy new Dunlop Trailmax motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services


The Essential Tyre for Adventure and Trail

Designed for single cylinder and mid-size twin cylinder trail bikes, the TrailMax is a superior tyre for on and off-road adventures. This tyre provides high levels of stability on the road and on other terrain thanks to its aggressive, directional tyre tread and multiple edges which enable grip even on difficult rocky surfaces. In addition, its innovative rugged compound promotes even tread wear, resulting in a longer tyre life.

Buy new Dunlop Trailmax TR91 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Trailmax TR91

For riders who like to push the limits of discovery

A dual-purpose, high-performance, adventure-touring tyre. This silica-fortified tread compound offers enhanced traction and grip in wet and dry weather also helps reduce rolling resistance. The V-shaped pattern with crossing grooves means that water is pulled quickly and effectively away from the tread contact patch to help keep more rubber on the road in wet weather as well as enhance off-road traction.

Off Road

Buy new Dunlop Geomax Enduro motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Geomax Enduro

Street Legal Competition Tyre

This tyre provides high levels of performance in all endurance conditions including sand, mud, grass and stony surfaces. Developed with experienced riders and tested meticulously over challenging terrain, the Geomax Enduro is the ultimate off-road performance tyre that is also street legal. It provides riders with complete control, thanks to its larger profile optimised for shock absorption and it retains optimum stiffness for precision.

Buy new Dunlop Geomax MX52 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Geomax MX52

Perfect for Off-Road Motocross

Designed to excel on medium to hard terrain, the Geomax MX52 is a superior tyre for off-road conditions. Thanks to its innovative directional pattern block design, the Geomax MX52 provides a superior braking performance as this helps to increase tyre stability. In addition, Progressive Cornering Block Technology developed by Dunlop helps to improve sliding control and enhance cornering grip.

Buy new Dunlop Geomax MX11 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Geomax MX11

Specifically designed for sand and mud use

The Geomax MX11 is part of Dunlop’s motocross tyre range. These tyres sport innovative features that help deliver optimum traction in a variety of off-road conditions. They provide enhanced stability, even under challenging track conditions. The narrow-profile blocks, help chisel through and penetrate sandy surfaces for increased traction and smoother handling. The Geomax “stabiliser” cross-shaped tread block design, helps provide enhanced straight-line traction at speed and during braking.


Buy new Dunlop Elite 3 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Elite 3

Show and Go

The Elite 3 is a custom tyre designed to deliver a superior on-road performance. Ideal for touring motorcycles, the Elite 3 provides steady stability without sacrificing cornering performance. Thanks to its innovative tread pattern, this tyre offers great wet performance as it maintains grip with the surface of the road, even when driving through standing water. Furthermore, the Elite 3 provides enhanced bump absorption for a comfortable ride.

Buy new Dunlop D251 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services


Ideal for Big Custom Motorcycles

The D251 is a radial tyre and provides high performance handling thanks to its optimally moulded profile. Designed with a contemporary sport touring tread, this tyre delivers an excellent performance in all conditions, even at high speed. In addition, the D251 has a radial casing which works to provide enhanced comfort.

Harley Davidson

Buy new Dunlop K591 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services


Accept No Substitutes

The K591 is the only Harley Davidson approved tyre for their sports bikes developed with sports riding technology. Its optimised tread pattern works to maximise grip, resulting in a superior cornering performance even when riding at speed. In addition, the directional tyre tread has been engineered to ensure minimal stepping as the tyre wears out, resulting in enhanced tyre life.

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