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Metzeler Motorbike Tyres

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Super Sport

Buy new Metzeler Sportec M7 RR motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Sportec M7 RR

Wet Road. Dry Road. Just Ride It. Engineered to Empower True Riders

Designed for riders with a sporty riding style, the Sportec M7 RR provides superior handling and excellent gripping capabilities in all weather conditions. The Sportec M7 RR has been engineered with a new water drainage concept to enable water evacuation and a special tread pattern to provide grip, resulting in excellent sport performance whatever the weather. In addition, a high stiffness structure delivers extremely agile handling for a precise ride.

Buy new Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Sportec M5 Interact

The Perfect All-Round Supersport Tyre

The Sportec M5 Interact provides high performance and safety for dynamic riders. Built with innovative five zone tension technology which adapts to provide a linear change of tyre softness, the Sportec M5 Interact enables high levels of grip and precision when leaning. Furthermore, its specialist compound constructed with a high silica content provides superior mechanical stiffness, resulting in efficient adaptability to varying weather and road conditions.


Buy new Metzeler RoadTec Z8 Interact motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

RoadTec Z8 Interact

Follows the Riders Instincts with a Sublime Blend of Precise and Effortless Handling

The Metzeler RoadTec Z8 Interact provides precise handling and a safe, easy ride. Designed with an innovative profile shape, inspired by the Greek letter ‘Pi’, tyre flexibility is increased and a large contact patch retains contact with the road, to provide enhanced gripping capabilities. This tyre also provides an excellent all weather performance thanks to its high silica compound which increases grip in wet conditions and reduces tyre slide in all weather.

Enduro Street

Buy new Metzeler Tourance Next motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Tourance Next

The Enduro Street Tyre that Dares you to Challenge any Weather Condition and any Road

Ideal for the latest generation adventure touring bikes, the Tourance Next offers unmatched levels of stability, safety and mileage on wet roads. This tyre provides enhanced gripping capabilities on wet roads thanks to its unique tread pattern. This design features optimally spaced grooves to evacuate water away from the tyre, enabling it to retain contact with the surface of the road. The Tourance Next also achieves long tyre life as it is optimised to promote even tread wear.

Off Road

Buy new Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Enduro 3 Sahara

Enduro Tyre Dedicated to the Globetrotters Always Looking for Fun Riding No Matter the Terrain

Designed to provide traction on road, gravel and sand, the Enduro Sahara 3 is ideal for adventurous riders who demand adaptability from their tyres. Thanks to its dedicated tread compound, the Enduro 3 Sahara can safely transition between on and off-road, providing high levels of traction. In addition, the Enduro 3 Sahara has been constructed with a specialist tread pattern geometry which has been designed to enable fast self-cleaning so that grip is never lost.

Buy new Metzeler Karoo 3 motorbike tyres online from PTA Garage Services

Karoo 3

The Best Enduro On/Off Tyre for your Adventures Far and Away

The Karoo 3 provides excellent off-road traction and good on-road stability for a versatile and durable ride. Engineered with an innovative belt structure, the Karoo 3 features a steel belt radial that works to reduce tyre deformation, meaning that it retains its shape under pressure, resulting in excellent stability at high speeds. Furthermore, its optimised tread pattern promotes even tread wear for increased mileage on and off-road.

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