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Make Sure Your Tyres Don’t Fail Your MOT!

Did you know that a huge 10% of MOT test fails are due to tyres? Learn how you can check yours are safe, legal and comply with MOT test regulations!

One Size Does Not Fit All!

You will fail the MOT test if you are using the wrong sized tyres for your vehicle. Having the wrong sized tyres fitted is also highly dangerous, so it is important that you are sure your tyres are right.

To check that the tyres you are using are correct simply find the size of your tyres written on the sidewall of your tyres in a format similar to
205 / 55 / R18 105 and ensure that this matches the tyre size specified in your vehicle handbook.

Replace Space Savers

If you have recently suffered tyre damage when driving and replaced one of your tyres with a space saver tyre you must ensure that this is changed before the MOT test.

Space saver tyres are lightweight tyres which have been specially designed to safely take you home or to a tyre fitting centre following damage. They are unsafe to drive on at speeds over 50 mph or for a prolonged period of time, so you must have these changed as soon as possible.

Check Your Tread Depth

Tyre tread below 1.6mm is illegal and will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT test! When tyre tread is lower than this point, tyres are less effective and grip, braking and resistance against aquaplaning will be negatively affected. PTA Garage Services would recommend replacing your tyres when tread drops below 3mm.

You can check your tyre tread depth easily at home using a 20 pence coin – simply place the coin into a groove on your tyre and ensure that the outer band of the coin is visible. If it is not, it is time to replace your tyres!

Look Out For Tyre Damage

During the MOT test your vehicle will be inspected for signs of tyre damage and this can cause you to fail. Damage can indicate that the internal structure of the tyre is compromised, which could be highly dangerous. You should visually inspect your tyres for any signs of damage which may include:

If you do find any of these tyre damages you should have your tyres inspected by a specialist.

If you have any concerns that your tyres are not safe or may cause you to fail your MOT test you should make an appointment with a tyre specialist at your local PTA Garage Services branch as soon as possible.